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You will not like this…

Unfortunately, Poles are considered dirty around Europe and in our home country, too.

Certainly it’s not the case where you are concerned but it is a whole bunch of men who wash only once a week and maybe even every two weeks…

Using soap and even a deodorant is regarded by many as an unnecessary whimsy. On the other hand, using the same pair of socks for a week without washing seems quite OK to them, just like wearing a T-shirt for two weeks. Not to mention an indifferent attitude to washing one’s hands and cleaning fingernails.

I was seriously worried when I heard an opinion that in Western Europe countries Poles were identified basing on their smell, clothes and shoes. I admit that sometimes I am embarrassed to reveal where I come from.

The reason I’m writing about this is not just to nag you and make you feel bad. I want you to realize that if you sometimes observe the rules of hygiene it will have a directly proportional effect on the quantity and quality of sex.

Sometimes you can smell this specific odour of homeless people in the street. When smelling this particular odour would you be able to become sexually attracted to a super- attractive girl? Let’s just say that she uses such original perfume. I’m sure you would keep as far as possible from her.

Or think about a girl with whom you will have fantastic sex in a moment. You pull her pants down and get to the underwear. Oops, it is kind of yellow and… hmm something smells funny in there. Anyway, how did she manage to grow such a huge bush of hair?

Okay, I will not write any more. Maybe you are having a snack just now :)

It’s the same with your hygiene and if you are “not fresh” you might not smell it but people around you undoubtedly can. If women always keep a distance from you, maybe you have neglected yourself a bit.

I’m not the one to moralize. I just want to draw your attention to something you yourself may not notice and to help you to improve not only your sexual life but also the quality of life in general.


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