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Why can’t you get it up…


You might not have known that there is one thought that has caused a lot of problems to many a man.
Fighting it is the task for psychotherapists. And what I mean is…

We are afraid of what might happen and not necessarily happens. This leads to various problems, including problems with male potency. In most men problems with women result from fear.
The consciousness comes up with a question: “And what if…” continued with thousands of scenarios. However, these are only your ideas about the relationship in question and they are usually very distant from reality.

It all begins with the fear of approaching a girl you like. First you worry about what she might think and then you immediately assume that nothing will come out of the whole think because you’re not good enough for her. Or you make up a whole bunch of other reasons for failure.

As regards sex, you may be anxious that you will not stand up to the task, etc.

I will not elaborate more on this. Check out Adept’s blog. He writes about how to deal with the fears and how to improve one’s self-confidence.

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