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What to do to get energy? This is a free recipe for an energy drink.

Today I will explain how to make energy drink, that is your own “Red Bull”. A side effect of this drink is the increased potency…

Yes, you can buy yourself an energy drink in a shop but can also prepare it by yourself and decide what should be in it.

The difference is like between dinner out in the town and a meal prepared by your mother: you know for yourself what tastes better. To make energy cocktail as you need two ingredients: guarana and taurine.

Properties of Guarana: – Contains caffeine, but it is different than that in coffee. It has a long-term activity while the effect is the same, i.e. it dilates blood vessels, therefore the blood circulates faster.

Thus you react stronger and more rapidly to sexual stimuli and your penis sooner comes to the operation mode. The effect lasts for 50 minutes and during that time you really have power . A side effect of caffeine from guarana: it is a catalyst of fat burnig. Thanks to that some people can use its help in their efforts to lose weight. Properties of taurine: I could really write a lot here, but I will try to give the most important facts. You should know that taurine stimulates the production of adrenaline and thus increases your activity. Thanks to it you just burst with energy. Chemically it improves the transport of carbohydrates into body cells and then you feel that you can move mountains. Just like caffeine, taurine speeds up fat metabolism .

That’s it, in a nutshell. If you want to know more of its properties, look on the Internet. Those who have seen “Adrenaline” and “Adrenaline 2” know what I mean. The characters in those films applied other means to raise their level of adrenaline, but those are prescription drugs so I will not write about them. By the way, I honestly recommend both films, one starts bursting with energy from just viewing what’s happening there. I admit part II is not exactly very sophisticated, but that's not what this is all about. How to combine the ingredients? You need 5 g of guarana and 3 g of taurine. Both can be purchased in any shop with dietary supplements. Roughly this is one capsule of guarana and one of taurine. Try it, you'll see what happens. Both these substances are readily available over-the-counter supplements and you do not need a prescription. If you take them about 30 minutes prior to having sex, you'll see how your girl will you love it.

But if you want to wake the devil in her, offer her also some of the substances… :)

In the next article I tell you the secret of home-made viagra :)

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