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Vitality, energy levels, condition and sex.


What is the source of your energy, vitality and life force? These three values have a very significant impact on how much pleasure you derive not only from sex but from your entire life.

This article equally applies to women and men.

Imagine the following situation: you are sick, you have a headache, or you are extremely overweight. Do you think that in this situation you would fancy getting wild in bed? Certainly not.
But try to remember a situation from your life when you were bursting with energy and felt strong enough to move mountains. You know that it was a fabulous state.

I have always been interested in how to gain more energy, so that I would be able to do more, experience more and just enjoy life more from one day to another. I have found a lot of ways to do it, including tantra.
In my life I have met several people who have given me food for thought by their desire for action and vital energy.

I want to tell you about a person that I met a few days ago. Does the nickname “Tulip” ring a bell? In my opinion, he is the best seducer in Poland. Even though he has been idle for several years, because his career ended in unfortunate circumstances, when he took up cheating the women he seduced and stealing from them. He did time in jail for his wrongdoings. Anyway, this really got me thinking. How was this seemingly simple guy able to seduce a few thousand women? He used to go to bed even with a few women a day and still had the strength and energy.
I met him in person but I can not describe what I've learned on the blog. However, I will describe some simple ways to increase your energy level, potency and vitality.
There are really three main elements: diet, physical activity and proper rest. I am generalizing here because these factors could be broken into smaller parts and we could add genetics, place of residence, etc. I will describe each of them.

Diet: what you eat builds your body, you are as good as the contents of your plate. If you eat heavy foods containing a lot of fat you yourself will be sluggish. Stuff yourself with sweets and you may at first get the "power" but after half an hour you will feel fatigue and discouragement.
So what to eat? You may not like to read this but first of all, you should consume vegetables and fruit in large quantities. They grow in the sunshine and are loaded with its energy. They are characterised by a  high content of vitamins, micro- and macronutrients. All these have immense impact on how you look and feel. In the previous post I wrote about an example of celeriac. If you have followed my advice since then I am sure you can already feel the difference.
In general, avoid fried and fat foods, and try to add a little bit of vegetables to every meal. As far as meat is concerned, I recommend you chose lean kinds and offal, which is extremely rich in minerals. I do not want to dwell much on this now, because it is an extremely vast theme. If you are curious there are plenty of good dietary instructions on the Internet.
Activities: It is no revelation that if you do not exercise, your muscles are in a rudimentary state. You climb the stairs to the 2nd floor and become short of breath. Perhaps you are overweight from sitting in front of a computer or the TV, because you are not moving. I know, it is easier said than done, because it is much nicer to sit back and do nothing instead of going to the gym, put on roller skates or go cycling. OK, do as you wish, sit on, let your belly grow. You will miss everything what is good in life and women who could have been your mates will remain out of your reach as pictures on the TV screen.
Exercise that allows to raise the level of energy, prolong life and improve your sexual potential should involve and activity lasting at least 30 minutes performed at least three times a week. Such exercise causes cardiac activity at 70% (this sounds very professional, but what I mean is that you  should get tired and you feel your heart pounding like a hammer).
The kind of sport is also important. I can give you an example of the most famous Polish “strongman”, who revealed in an interview what his sexual life looks like. He said he would be just lying down and “it just happened by itself”. I'm afraid that if he "did it" for 3 minutes instead of just lying back, he would get a heart attack.
Because I strive all the time to further enhance my abilities I have decided that I would run in the marathon. I still have 2.5 months to prepare and I hope I will manage. I do not encourage you to run a marathon, because it requires hard and exhausting practice beforehand. However, if you are able to run as long a distance as 10 km it means you can spend a few hours in bed with a woman without any problems, because you are fit enough.
I'm not saying that you have to keep fit. It's your life. But if you want to be a great lover it will not happen without good physical condition.

Rest: sleep, vacation, what you do after work. An epic could be written on each of these points, but I want to keep this short. Optimal sleep time is 7-9 hours. If you sleep less, your body does not have time to regenerate. If you sleep more you feel aloof all day long, not to mention the fact that you lose a lot of time. Well, I know people who sleep four hours a day and are bursting with energy, but they have very active lifestyles, exercise a lot physically and keep excellent diet. Anyway, I would not necessarily recommend this lifestyle.
Select your daily leisure activities depending on the type of your job. If you sit all day in front of a computer do not  touch your computer at home and go for a walk outside instead. But if you work in a coalmine, going home, sitting in front of your computer and reading this blog is very much recommended :)
Vacation: If you want to fully recuperate you need a minimum of 3 weeks vacation. On holidays you should completely change hat you see every day, so it's best to go to a place with a different climate. If you can’t afford holidays abroad chose a place completely different to your home. If you live in the mountains, go to the seaside and vice versa. If you live in the city, chose countryside for your holidays, etc.
Climate change is very good because it automatically increases your potency, it does so without any effort on your part, it simply is this way.
Why should you take three weeks? Because in the first week you think about what you did or did not do not at work, at home, etc. During the second week you start feeling that you are on holiday, and in the third week you will be able to enjoy life, rest and "reset itself". Just check it out.


Climate and sun:

Why do you think the Spanish and the Italians from the South chase women so much? The boys are full of energy derived from the sun as well as the diet full of vegetables and seafood. Every day, Casanova ate even as many as 50 oysters characterised by high content of zinc. From that he drew his energy and we can read about the results in his memoirs.
Travel to a country with sunny weather and you will see all this in the faces of the inhabitants. They are smiling, cheerful and appear to be extremely happy. It is the sun that does the trick. It contributes to synthesis of vitamin D and secretion of happiness hormone. You want to have a lot of it go to that country. On the other hand, look at Finland, for example. In this country there are periods with very little sunshine and the highest rate of people suffering from depression and  alcoholism, and those committing suicides.
Of course, you do as you please. To me what I have written is a matter of health, longevity and just the quality of life. This whole topic is very broad, so I intend to return some of its aspects in my future articles.

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