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The most perverted book.


When I was on holiday, someone recommended to me the most perverted book. At least it is described as such by the press, critics, etc.
The book is VERY old as it was written in 1791 by a Marquis de Sade. Even now, its publication is prohibited in many countries.
Is it worth reading? Well, I think you one is better off without it. Although the Author uses refined and sophisticated language the things he describes are not enjoyable at all. Somehow, I personally prefer books that give me a positive “kick” and this book , unfortunately, is not among them. Quite on the contrary – it is rather depressing.
The nicely chosen words and the interesting story are interweaved with numerous threads linking with pedophilia, incest , homosexuality, and the ruthless brutality. It gives an extensive overview of all kinds of sexual deviations.
Actually, the term “sado-maso” comes from Marquis de Sade’s name….
I confess I did not think that over 200 years ago, people had let themselves do things that probably wouldn’t be accepted today. You can see that humans have always had fantasies and perhaps in the past weaker legal system allowed unimaginable sexual behaviours.
Sexologists say that a large percentage of people turn to sado-maso when they get bored with regular sex.
Personally I think a slap on the buttocks does not do any harm or a bit of male dominance of men does not either, but beating someone until they bleed and torturing? No, thank you.
I'm very curious about what hard core erotic books you have read and which of them you liked.
In addition to that, I have only recently found out why many of my friends have read “The Legend of the Ice People”, if I remember the title correctly :)

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