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Tantric massage, which is a cause of female ejaculation :)

What I describe here cannot be found in any magazines or guides because sexologists have not even dreamt about such techniques.


One might learn a bit about tantric massage from few low circulation books and even from shamanic techniques. I have collated all that and verified several times in practice. I am amazed by the results.


You can find here a fragment of a film of me demonstrating tantric massage:



Tantric massage could be, in fact, referred to as erotic massage, but not entirely. It evokes in a woman a multiple orgasm with ejaculation. You must admit this is something unusual. Tantric massage relies on technique, activities that bring a certain effect when carried out in a defined sequence. Everybody can learn it.


What is more, everything about it is shown in a film titled „Uwodziciele” (The Seducers) that will be screened in Polish cinemas beginning from June 2011 (albo: that was screened in Polish cinemas in June 2011). In that film I demonstrate to a few young men tantric massage on a newly met model. In that film, the Adept is the main teacher and the maker of changes.


The description of the technique used to be revealed here, but I have decided that I will make it available only to those who are truly determined to have it.


So, if you are interested in tantric massage, type your email address below and I will send the full description to your mailbox.


If you don’t get the description, check your spam folder.


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