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Tantra – what is it?


When I sometimes talk to someone and say that I teach Tantra in my free time they will look at me with their eyes wide open.


Usually a silly face expression is their reaction, you know what I mean –they feel as if someone asked them when Copernicus had been born.


You know you read something about it, you probably know what it is but… what the hell is it?


Sometimes, in reaction to the word „Tantra” people say: „It’s a sect, isn’t it?” and they look at me suspiciously. :)


So far, I have noticed that maybe 1 % of people know what it is. But I do not care in the least.


Because what counts is not the name but advantages of using it.


Lat weekend I organised a course of attractiveness and one of the trainers I invited was EFT specialist.


He had been recommended to me by Piotr Pyton. You may have participated in the Conference I made in February with Piotr.


So Piter (as I call Piotr) said he had made acquaintance with this man only because he was abl to f…k all night and had orgasm but no ejaculation.


And the guy learned all this by himself. He didn’t even know about existence of Tantra.


Of course, Tantra is more than controlling ejaculation.


It is just the beginning of the way and the basis for further practice. Anf this practice is very pleasant because all this concerns thing you do in bed with a woman and your sexual potential improves not just two-fold, but 100 times.


In Western Europe Tantra trend began more or less 15 years ago. And it was Sting who started it.


Yes, Sting, the singer. He was in Oprah Winfey’s show and said he was able to have sex with his wife for as long time as he wanted. Even all night. He said it was thanks to Tantra. It caused a stirr in the US. Wow, is this really possible?


Oh, yeah. So I want to do it, too. An it all started. But it is not possible to learn Tantra in a week or even in a month.


Tantra is practice that is to be done continuously. There are so many tantric exercises that you could spend all day doing them. In practice, it is enough to do them several minutes a day in order to get good effects.


Such as to be able to have sex for a few hours, have orgasm and no ejaculation. Tantric practice for women is a little different.


In women the result is higher libido, more intense sensations during sex and something you will probably not believe, i.e. rejuvenating effect.


After the course I carry out for women, I always get the same feedback: „I feel happier and people react better to me.” I thought the girls will be writing to me about great sex they have, but they tell me they feel good. Well, apparently guys have different needs than women.

In America, Tom Hanks added fuel into the fire by revealing he also had multiple orgasms and sex as long as he wanted. I can’t imagine that any actor or actress in Poland would say that, because they would be crucified by the radio station from ginger bread town.


I don’t intend either to encourage you to learn Tantra or discourage you from this. It’s a proven task that Tantrics live longer and stay sexually active until death. Thanks to training their bodies and minds they can prevent illnesses and their wounds heel faster. It is natural. As natural as improved concentration, clarity of thoughts and overall effectiveness of brain.


You do not need to believe me, you can look for infromation, ask some people. Everybody will tell you the same. I have tested this on myself I know I have not been sick since I have took up this practice, that is for 7 years. I have also written to you about the fact, that I ran in an ultra-marathon after a very short period of practicing Tantra.


Also thanks to Tantra (or partially due to it) I have been able to draw energy in a way inaccessible to an average man. Yes, you have to learn that first but remember how you were learning to ride a bike. You were not able to do it on the first day…


Just to provide some background information I will tell you that there are Indian and Chinese variations of Tantra. To a guy I would recommend Chinese Tantra, because in my opinion it is simply made for a male.

Unless you like to cuddle, cry on someone’s shoulder and run naked on a meadow. You can take Tantra just as perfectly relaxing exercises.


If you live under a lot of stress, practicing Tantra will remove tension from your body and gives you better control of yourself and calmness. When I heard there was something that will let me have sex for as long as I want to, I did not need anything more, I simply learned it very quickly.


With passing years you learn more advanced techniques, as if you were going onto an upper level. Then you are able to discover real magic in sex and in contacts with women, but also in what you are able to do with your body and mind. And I truly wish you that you discover all this.

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  • Carley Coty 29 August 2013, 09:39

    Simply wanna say that this is very beneficial, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

  • tantric massage 3 September 2013, 12:32

    Great info. Lucky me I recently found your website by
    accident (tumblr). I have saved it for later!

  • car WV 28 September 2013, 15:12

    Hello there! This post couldn’t be written any better!

    Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He continually kept preaching about this. I’ll send this information
    to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a good read. Thank you for

    • Becky 13 November 2013, 04:50

      I am interested in fndniig out when you will be doing workshops in Santa Fe. That city is closest to me as I live in Durango, Colorado. I am now single but feel I don’t know much about sex, sensuality with a partner. I would love to learn how to honor myself more so that when I have a partner we can experience a deeper connection.

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