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Stereotypes about sex and other related issues


I will describe some stereotypes regarding sex. To allow you to understand all of them better I will start with two most deceptive and for all. These two stereotypes have, unfortunately, messed the mind of every woman and every man and continue doing so.

The first concerns something every man has encoded in his head: men imagine that somewhere in the world lives a wonderful woman who is beautiful and has all the ideal features. She's just living out there, somewhere. One day she will knock on your door and say, “Here I am, take me here and now.”
I used to suffer from that, but I'm over it now :)

Where does it come from? From culture, from cinema and particularly from American films where it is a common phenomenon that a porn star, stripper, model , etc. lives in a house across the street. One day she knocks on the door of our hero to ask for some sugar or for help because her car has broken down, etc. etc. After watching it we are left to live in anticipation of this pattern to repeat itself. However, it does not happen, not even a plain woman knocks on the door . Even though there is no ugly women only lazy ones, as Helena Rubinstein used to say.

And what about women? Similarly, they believe that somewhere in the world there is a prince, a dream man. Beautifully built, well-dressed, rich, gallant, a perfect lover. A man all her friends will be jealous of. He will come riding a white horse, or possibly driving a Ferrari. He will lift his beloved in his arms and they will live happily ever after. Everything in their life will fall into the right place, they will spend beautiful moments together and everything will be wonderful.
If you are a woman and you're reading this, better stop dreaming, this is not going to happen in reality.
Nevertheless, little girls are stuffed with such stories by their moms or grandmothers. When they grow up they still believe this and keep looking for a prince.
These two stereotypes cause a lot of harm to your perception of the world, so throw them out of your head. Below I enlist a few more related to the theme of this blog. In near future, I am going to elaborate on each of them in articles.
- "There are women that can not be brought to have orgasm" – A lot of women really have not discovered their sexuality and are surprised at how their body reacts to the appropriate physical and verbal stimulation. In fact, you can bring a woman to orgasm just by means of voice, without touching.

- "Women pretend orgasm" – Yes, that happens very often. A woman wants a man to feel proud of what he did even if he did nothing. However, women care about how a man feels and so they do it for your own good.
- “Does the size of penis matter to women?” – Just think, if you can give a woman pleasure even without touching her, what difference does the size make? I have already written that a 7 cm long penis is quite sufficient to satisfy a woman.
- "Men and women’s sexualities are identical" – Not at all.  Women are constructed differently, not only physically, but mentally, so when you look at a woman and imagine passionate sex with her, she is at the stage of wondering whether she likes you at all and if her top looks good on her. Getting into her sexual zone is completely different process than it is in your case. Sometimes this can be done in a few minutes but sometimes it takes years.

- Passion in a relationship disappears after a few years. This happens very often, if relationship is standing in one place. It is as if you ate the same soup for dinner every day. You have to work hard on the relations with your partner in a variety of ways.

- Older people cannot have sex unless they use chemicals to make it pleasurable. A famous Polish sexologist wrote a book on this subject. He confirmed there is no age restriction to have pleasure of your sexual life the way you want it.

- Impotence and premature ejaculation. Both of these problems result either from unpleasant memories or lack of knowledge about how to control one’s body. They can be coped with and solved.

- If you love your partner sex is going to be perfect. Unfortunately, life is not so perfect and if you feel love but do not have the experience sex will not be perfect. And if it is not perfect frustration may creep into relationship and love will not last long.

- A decent “nice” woman does not like sex. Every healthy woman loves sex as much as men do, but often cannot show it because of the way she was taught and brought up. Trust me: even the most decent girl will enjoy sex with her boyfriend if he is a caring and good lover.

There are lots of stereotypes. I have just mentioned those among the common ones, which I regard to me to be the most devastating.

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