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Spicy lines or dirty talk

There are women who do not like this but there are also some who can not imagine sex without dirty talk.
Well, how to do it to ensure that a woman loves it every time?

An interesting thing is that the seemingly nice quiet girls like rude talk during sex.

When you talk to a woman at all during sex you are much more likely to bring her to an orgasm. This is due to the fact that when you talk to her her mind is busy thinking and analyzing what you say. At that time her body is responding to stimuli without any psychological limitations.

If there is total silence, not even music, a woman often starts thinking about how she looks at the moment, whether you like like her or if you are satisfied. Or focuses on analysing what she feels and what she would like. It sex is really bad, she is wondering what to wear to work tomorrow…
Therefore, it is useful to shut off the logical part of her mind so the body would be free to react to stimuli. It would be best to task her with a math problem but it would be too much.

I do not recommend using hardcore text during the first intercourse because you might scare her. But this depends largely on your image. Adept, for example, talk very dirty from the beginning, but this is in line with his image. I suspect that women would be disappointed if he did otherwise.

But you can start with a simple : "You're such a naughty girl, I like what you are doing." You can continue exactly as you like, including telling her how what she does makes you feel. It is very important, because women like to hear about it.
Then move on to more harsh words like "you're my little hooker". At this point still do not use very hardcore words, but you may require confirmation: “You are my little hooker, aren’t you?”

You can talk about what you will do with her in a moment, or how she makes you feel. Women really like it.
If this stage goes smoothly you can become rough: "Yes, do it to me, my little whore", etc., and go further if you like. I have just presented  the safe way to go.
It is important how you say it. Your voice has to be wild, full of lust and domineering. If you just recite the words as if you were teaching a biology lesson it would be downright funny.

The above is only a general advice, but this is a public website, so I cannot reveal too much. I will tell you more details during my “Lesson Lover” seminar. Until the the end of the year we have a lowered price, so you’d better take advantage of this.

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