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Some comments to scientific findings on factors that affect the quality of the relationship


I found some interesting scientific research projects concerning relationships and sex. Let me tell you about two of them that allow drawing an interesting conclusion. But that will be revealed at the end.

The first study found that couples who met on the Internet got married much sooner. It takes them on average of about 18 months. And couples who met in a traditional way need on average  42 months to become engaged.

Another interesting thing about this study is that couples beginning their acquaintance on the Internet better communicate with each other. Conflicts happen between them less frequently.
In another study reported in “ScienceDaily” the Author of the study, a professor at Brigham Young Dean Busby says that the later couples start their sex life the longer lasting and better quality are their relationship.

He observes that the majority of similar studies focused on the overall sexual experience individuals, and not on the beginning of sexual intercourses. As compared with “love at first sight” couples who consume their relationship relatively quickly the decision to wait with sex until after the wedding appeared as a beneficial factor.

First of all, the stability of the relationship was evaluated as by 22 percent higher and the satisfaction of the relationship – by 20 percent better. In addition to that the quality of sex in the relationships increased by approximately 15 percent and the communication between partners better and 12 percent . I must admit that all this is very interesting.
If you think about it logically it makes sense.

So if you are looking for a wife you know what to do. Register on dating sites and don’t you dare to think about sex. After the wedding  - yes, you can. I wonder if you can keep it this way. I do not wish to. I will risk losing the 20% better quality and choose not to deny myself the pleasure.

Anyway, you can gain these 20% and even more of satisfaction and excellent communication by just learning to do this in an appropriate way. Relationships as such are not my piece of cake, but I read a book on the topic from time to time.

So, I know that there is a whole bunch of books available about what to do to improve your relationship. But there are very few books and videos teaching how to understand women. Hmm, I don’t know any couple who would start their sex life after the wedding.

There is some hope in it for at least maintaining World’s demographic indicator, because the majority of marriages start with a “slip”.



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