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Simple methods for convincing a woman to give you oral sex


These are the basic requirements that you should meet. This time I will not write what to do if she is convinced that it is immoral, unhealthy, perverted, or anything like that. Talking about immoral things: method No. 2 is completely immoral, unethical and it should not be used because it is pure manipulation. I have been using it :)

1. Hygiene is essential. If you smell of yesterday, urine or stale fish it's not going to work. In such a situation you probably wouldn’t touch the vaginal labia of a former Miss World.
So when you take a shower, pull the foreskin and wash your penis thoroughly. The penis secretes mucus which starts to stink if it is not washed off.

2. Create a picture in her head. If the idea of oral sex enters her head and you manage to anchor (read some materials on NLP to find out what it means)  it on yourself you will have done half the work.
You can tell her a joke. It’s a very good method. I have come up with the following one off the top of my head:
A woman wanted to buy her husband a pet for his birthday. She went to a pet shop. All the good animals were too expensive for her. Discouraged she asked the assistant: “Have you got any cheaper pets?”
“We only have a frog for 50 $”, he said.
“50 $ for a frog ? Why is it so expensive?”, she asked.

“Because the frog is quite unique . She is very good at giving a blow job!”
The woman didn’t  hesitate long and bought the frog, hoping that the animal will relieve her of this unpleasant chore. On husband’s birthday the woman gave him the frog and informed about its amazing abilities. The guy was a bit skeptical but decided to test his present on the same evening. Long after midnight his wife were awoken by strange sounds coming from the kitchen. She got up and went to check what's going on. When she entered the kitchen she saw her husband and the frog going through the cookbook. Various pots and pans were standing around them. Surprised, the woman asked, “Why are you studying the cookbook at this hour?”
“As soon as the frog learns to cook you’ll be out of here!”

Then you continue: “I wonder if women like oral sex as much as guys do… how about you?
Do you think that if you dared to do something that to me it would also bring pleasure to you?

Tell her a made up story about a scene you spotted, e.g.: “Look, yesterday I went shopping. I parked at the entrance next to a car with lights on and an engine running. I could not see anybody inside the car. Intrigued, I stepped closer to it and saw the driver with a strange expression on his face and then I saw… You will not believe it… a girl was giving him a blowjob … just outside a supermarket in broad daylight on the parking lot.
Can imagine that you could do this to me in the middle of the day? Because I can’t.”


(This works on the principle: I forbid you to think about a pink elephant with a a monkey wearing a red jacket jumping on his back)

3. If you want to do you right, do it yourself it first. Reciprocity works on all levels of communication. If you bring her to an orgasm with your tongue once, twice, three times she will just want to do something in return. Otherwise she will feel ungrateful. She will simply want to return the favour.

4. When she actually does it to you for the first time with you let her take her time and do as she pleases. Do not say she is doing something wrong and do not give her instructions. There will be time for that later.
Specific advanced techniques of oral sex and breaching barriers are described in my e-book.
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