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Sex without sex, but really mind-blowing…


Author: Adept
Once upon the time, a long time ago I heard that an ear is another sexual organ of a woman.

In the old days I listened to the stories of my friends boasting about their successful encounters with women. And that's where I heard the phrase “to wind noodles around woman’s ears”. I first took this for a metaphor of “to win her heart”, “to pick her up”, “to lure her”, “to seduce her”.

But the TRUE meaning of these words came to me only after several had gone by… It was at the time when I started to discover the art of linguistic hypnosis to elicit desired emotions in a woman. For seducing a women one needs to evoke the emotions of trust, curiosity, infatuation or falling in love and, last but not least, sexual desire. But I asked myself: What comes after the first intercourse? What to do with the elements of hypnosis with a woman whom I am already in a relationship with? How can I continue to use words for the purpose of giving women sexual pleasure?

Before sex, my behaviour and words could be used to make a woman interested or captivate her. But I felt under my skin that I can do more. I saw in my head the memorable scene from the film "Don Juan De Marco" with the starring Johnny Depp. The character walks into the restaurant, sits at some woman’s table, begins to talk to her in a very sensual way. After a short time she becomes not just enchanted but also sexually aroused. Keeping this in mind, I started to explore the world of magic words and linguistics which used in the right place and time can make a woman so excited that she wants to have sex with me. And to have it here and now.

Many people just stop at this stage and are satisfied with the outcome. But I started to look for ways of giving even more fun to a woman, for example how to give her an explosive orgasm just by uttering a few words. I decided to study the use of hypnosis in to intensify sexual experiences. Some of my friends have already experimented with that on the basis of scarce available materials concerning a training conducted by Ross Jeffries (hypnotic seduction guru) in London in 2009
and they started exploring this fascinating method of giving a woman sexual pleasure.

Neill Strauss mentioned this in his books ("The Game", "Rules of the Game"), but it is not described accurately. It's obvious the Author is not a hypnotist so he isn’t particularly interested in this area. But I was and this interest led me to the exploration of the topic.

Sometimes I'm lazy … and the necessity is the mother of invention. I wanted to be able to make a woman feel excited and have an orgasm while I was simply lying comfortably on the coach tired after work. I did not even need to lift my finger in order to satisfy the girl. I know this may sound unusual, but one cannot live solely on sex and everybody sometimes needs a break. However, women are often inexhaustible and when sexually frustrated they frown half a day. So such visualisation can make a woman experience again her greatest sexual and wild fantasies.

It may be so that you say the right word and the woman suddenly remembers her most intense sexual experience and even starts to come… I will write more about it in subsequent articles…



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  • Nathu 13 November 2013, 13:34

    I do not think that you can love someone rollaticamny and not lust for them. I think failing to lust the person you claim to love is ultimately insulting and unhealthy for any relationship.I think sex is overrated. Its fun, pleasurable, dont get me wrong. But I dont need it. I am perfectly fine being in a romantic monogamous relationship with someone, having mutually lustful desires, but not actually performing sexual activity.I think you can love and be in love and not have sex. But the desire to do so is what is important.Consider a dirty skank who is known for having had sex before. Say she choses to stop that promiscuous lifestyle and date for love, instead. No matter how nice and patient the guy is, not matter how much he cares for sex or doesnt care for sex he will always wonder about her true affections and motivations for having been willing to put out for lesser men but in claiming to love, wont anymore. A guy would doubt her loyalty and lustful desires for him and would be insulted.You cannot enter into a relationship and be sexual at any point, then to fall back onto celibacy, without drawing concern. Imagine if your boyfriend quit wanting to have sex with you just doesnt want it from you any more. How would you feel? Its far easier to know he is a virgin or that he wants to wait until he knows you better. Its not so easy for a woman if her guy just up and quit.Im sorry to say, no matter how nice the guy is, no matter how much he respects you or wants to make something with you if youre not a virgin, and especially if you have been promiscuous in the past, he WILL expect consistent sex. This is a bad trap for any young woman to fall into I say stay celibate.I can do without sex. Sometimes its hard to, but I manage. Its a choice. I am capable of turning women down. It doesnt define me and isnt a basis for a relationship, but it an integral part of a successful life-time committed romance.Its important, yes, but sex should neither be the basis for a relationship nor should it be the basis for ending one. +3Was this answer helpful?

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