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Sex on the phone


If you do not have your woman with you, nothing stands in the way of your giving her a lot of pleasure. We live in the era of the Internet so more and more people are having cyber sex but they forget how much fun sex on the phone can bring.
I will give you some hints on how to satisfy a woman without touching her.
In a way you have to put the woman and yourself in a trance. The external reality flows away and you find yourselves in a fantasy world.
3 years ago, one of my women lived on the other end of Poland and because we had a passionate relationship this was the time when I seriously practiced phone sex .
If you never done it or you have but were not totally satisfied, use some of my advice.
I started from reading erotic stories written by women. They themselves told me exactly what their dreams are and what they want. If you think you can just read the story to your girl, I am sorry to say it will not work this way.

Some extremely important aspects :
1. tone of voice and manner of speaking
2. setting the scene and creating images
3. commands
4. using generalisations

When you talk to her, talk in such a manner, as if you actually had her next to you and was in the midst of wild sex . Your voice ought to be hypnotic, you should speak slowly, take breaks every 3-4 seconds in the middle of sentences, not necessarily in logical moments. This will turn her on more. Give her time to imagine herself the whole situation.

Lead her starting from describing the place: “Just  imagine … that you are now in the big bed…. such a high four-poster bed…  this bed is in a beautiful huge castle … You are lying there in your favourite underwear…. and at that moment you begin to have various thoughts… the thoughts that you keep just for themselves… and they are very naughty thoughts… delicious… they make you breath faster… and you start feel hot… in different places… on your body… you can hear your own breath… and feel delightful radiation of heat… from the place where it all begins….”

Okay, I will write no more, but I hope you understand what it is about.
The more crazy and freaked out the scene setting is, the better. When she goes to work on the following day, she will still be thinking about this room and the big bed and what you did there with her.

When you draw in her head this type of image, her subconscious can not distinguish this from reality. She thinks that it actually happened …

Commands: Tell her what to do, where to touch herself and how . But do not say: “Now take the nipple between his fingers and start to twist it.” This will not do. It has to be this: “Now touch your breast with your hands… in a way you like best… and you can start teasing them… until you have this pleasant feeling… and now… do the same with the other breast… What do you think, how nice would it be if I had kissed them, tell me how you want me to kiss…”

Using generalisations – you have probably already got the principle: I'm not describing precisely: a bed of size 2m × 2m with red sheets and a wooden rack.” I say, “You are lying on such a big bed that you can see in the movies and dreaming about  being able to do there such a variety of crazy things, that the very thought of them makes you blush…”
In my case the result of any such talking were fantastic orgasms of my interlocutor. I tested this method on several women and each time the result was equally wild. She knows best how to do it well to herself, and you only skillfully lead her.
A really important factor here is the voice. When you two meet in reality and you start talking to her in the same way as during phone sex do not be surprised if she literary jumps on you.
Have fun …

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