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Sex in the car.

Sex in the car is something wild and exciting for some while for others it constitutes the only available option.
With your mother-in-law in the room next door or a roommate (if you rent) there is no chance of privacy whatsoever.

To do this position it is best to have a car where the backs of seats can be lowered by pressing one button. I used to have that in my first car.

Some tough guy do it when the car is moving. I wouldn’t recommend it due to the high risk involved. It is too easy to loose control…

Classical ”rider’s” position. Not practicable in all cars.

This way the girl can admire the view outside the car if her partner is not exactly doing great.

Remember what the most convenient girl’s outfit is. If you see her wearing mini on a date, you will know, why…

Some people go for this position on a coach. Particularly in long distance ones when all other passengers are asleep.

This one can be done on the road to make the journey more pleasant…

this position fulfills sexual fantasies of many women. If the the bonnet of your car can bear it, go ahead!

Now I know what cabriolets are made for.

In this way you will make her scream. Just remember to change the depth of penetration and tempo.

I think it is time to plan where you are taking your girlfriend for a ride… :)

When you will be buying your next car, think about how much space there is over your head…

I know why the Chinese love size L cars

Practical tips: apply the handbrake really firmly and in addition to that park in gear, just in case.

Penalty for sex in a car in Poland:

Article 140 of Polish Code of Offences "Whoever makes an indecent act in a public place, shall be liable to arrest, imprisonment, a fine of up to 1500 PLN or the penalty of reprimand "l Article 86 § 1 of the Code of Offences:"Who does not
exercise proper care, causing a safety hazard
on the road will be punished by a fine.”

In practice, it comes to a reprimand. I have never heard of a person who would be punished with a fine for having a sexual intercourse while driving.

But be careful. I have heard about an accident during oral sex. The gentleman’s penis was bitten off in result…

Another well known case caused a scandal in France. A Member of Parliament was photographed by a speeding camera in flagranti. The partner was not his wife…

With the cases above being the exceptions, for stable couples sex in the car can serve as a wonderful change in bed ritual.

For the majority of students in is a necessity.

If I remember correctly, in Cracow  student made a special car for that purpose. They bought a really wrecked vehicle, painted window panes black, installed a coach inside and they could do anything they wanted in the middle of the city…

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