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Sex for seniors. Is it all over at a certain age?


When you look at elderly people, for example your own grandparents or some people in the street it you may start wondering what it will feel to be 60, 70 or more years. Will it be still possible for you to have sex?
If you are 20, 30, or 40 years-old you do not think about such problems but this will change with passing time :)
It is true that sexual activity decreases with age. Especially in men who have been wasting their sperm lifelong and their reproductive organs are simply worn out. It is also one of the reasons I like Tantra because this problem does not apply to them.
I became interested in the subject of old people’s sex and found some data from different studies.
73 percent of respondents aged 54-64 years admitted to having sexual contacts. In the age group 64-75 year-olds more than half of the respondents answered they were sexually active, and when it came to the oldest seniors ( 75-85 years), one in four had sexual contacts.
As far as oral sex is concerned with increasing age the number of persons preferring them decreases from 60 percent before the age of 60 to 32 in seniors over 75.

A team of Spanish doctors from Florida Nord de I’Hospital dmde studied a sample of 113 people aged approximately 72 years. They found that 85 percent of them had a permanent partner, but one-third of them did not have with a successful sex life with him/her. Most of them had more than 4 sexual intercourses per month and this number was usually satisfactory to them. 30 percent of the group admitted to masturbating and 20 percent informed they used the services of prostitutes.
More and more people after 50 use dating and sex services. We also have people over 50 attending the Enlightened Lover courses.
All the time I have in mind the story of an Aborigine who conceived a son at the age of 93. This happened a few years ago and was published on the media.
Because a lot of women read this blog this information may be interesting. For the majority of postmenopausal women sex is just as enjoyable as before and even more comfortable. They do not need to worry about unwanted pregnancy.
If you live to a certain age and stay healthy you will be able to enjoy sex just like now :)

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