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Sex during menstruation

I guess there’s something wrong with me, because what is normal for me is sometimes a taboo for others.
Sex during the period is such a taboo for both women and men.
I suspect that this is a difficult topic for many people because of the bleeding. In many cultures women undergoing this phase of cycle is considered impure. I do not know exactly the approach if various religions to the issue, but I’m sure that female listeners of a certain conservative radio station would like to hang me for what I’m going to write below:
Sex during the period is not only quite possible but even advisable.

OK, I’m doomed. From now on I will not leave the house :)
Physiologically, there are absolutely no contraindications. You do not need to take my word for it. Ask your doctor.
The only limitations are in your head. If the sight of blood repels you, of blood, this is not for you.
If your woman says she does not want to do it then, it really doesn’t necessarily mean she does not want it. Rather, she is afraid of your reaction to the whole thing and of how her body will behave. She worries about your possible feeling of disgust etc., etc.
So if you ensure her that it is quite normal and nothing human is alien to you, she will say: “yes” and you will have normal sex.
In the past it often happened to me that girls seemed really hot and at some point they refused to go on. I had felt really stupid until I found out that this was still “yes” or rather “Yeas, next time, because I have my period now.” It was Alex who explained to me how to approach the topic. With so many girls and so little time Alex doesn’t waste time for wandering whether a girl has her period or not. It’s only a question of getting a heap of clean sheets.
That’s why sex during period is the most possible and normal. Moreover, this can even bring a kind of relief to a woman. An orgasm triggers secretion of a whole bunch of different hormones and body reactions. The result is a natural feeling of elevation and elimination of pain that often accompanies menstruation. Here you are: a natural remedy.
Beware: I have bad news for those who think that sex during period releases them from thinking about contraception. Not at all. Virile sperm can survive a few days. I have read that it can sometimes retain its properties for up to 7 days. Therefore application of such “birth control” scheme may prove a failure, unless you desperately seek an occasion to get someone pregnant.


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