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Risky aphrodisiac


You may be surprised with what you will read below but if you think about it you may decide the method is worth testing.

There are lots and lots of more or less effective aphrodisiacs. A really interesting one is garlic. Yes, you got it right, I really mean garlic.

Garlic warms up the body. Despite decreasing blood pressure it improves blood circulation by widening blood vessels and, as a result, causes an increase in libido. People who eat garlic have more energy because blood in their body circulates more freely.

Until the present day consumption of garlic is banned in monasteries. Monks were forbidden to eat garlic because they were supposed to pray and meditate and not to excite the body.

Yes, garlic is very powerful but it has one drawback.

It is the smell

Something like 4 years ago or maybe more I dated a girl. Her hair was as black as coal, she was cheerful and had untamed energy. Unfortunately, she loved garlic and, after some time I just wasn’t able to bear it any more… so we split up. But it was undeniable that she had fiery Well, you can cook for dinner something with lots of garlic and eat it together.


Wait for the effect…


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