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Rather than switching to a newer model try a sexual trick


If you have a steady partner and after some time sex her is not as exciting as at the beginning you can use a trick .

Learn the techniques described below. As a result, you will have better sex and she will have more fun, too.

She will benefit in two ways. First of all, she will have stronger orgasms.
In addition to that she actually will see that you are much more satisfied.

And you will feel that she is tight down there. Wonderful, isn’t it? To achieve this goal, it is enough to follow the instruction below.

Tell her that you read about a certain technique on a blog on sex. This will be the truth! You can even show her this post :)

She should clench her Kegel muscles when you’re inside her vagina and
you are making the “pulling out” motion. When you are pushing back in, she should loosen the muscles. At the beginning it will be difficult for her, but she will learn.

Let me explain what Kegel muscles are, because not everyone knows that.
These are the muscles of the pelvic floor. A woman can easily identify them when
she urinates . When you want to stop urination, you just tighten these muscles.

At the beginning she should do it slowly because this is the process of learning. At the beginning it will not be easy, especially if she has never trained these particular muscles .

Let me repeat: when you are pulling out she should tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor as hard as she can, as if she wanted to stop peeing. When you’re already deep inside, she should loosen the muscles.

Now, the effect is as if she was holding your penis and giving you a hand job. Thereby blood is being pumped to the penis head and it is just more swollen. Thus, you will have more pleasure and she will, too. It is because your penis will be fuller and you will be filling her better.

You can see this technique has only pros and no cons, and makes both partners happy.

Test how it works and write a comment on this entry. You will be able also to express your  thanks :)

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