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Protect your gems. The reasons for infertility.


An average modern man is very different from that of 20 years ago, let alone 100 years ago or a few centuries ago. It is only in recent years, however, that problems with potency or infertility have been observed with an increased frequency.
And there is an easy way to prevent this.

It is enough to be aware of the following two points:

1. Testicles do not like high temperatures.
2. Testicles do not like being cramped.

When you are young, you do not even think about it. However, with passing years you will find out that you are no longer as horny as you used to be. When you try to make your spouse pregnant, your doctor might tell you that your spermatozoids are barely moving. If that is the case, you will be practically unable to fertilize a woman.
Some of you may be even glad to hear this, but remember: the quality of your sperm is directly proportional to the state of your health and fitness.

Now, let us focus only on those two points I mentioned at the beginning. There are certain things in everyday life that should be avoided. There are also some clothes it is better not to wear.
In the 1970s, infertility and decreased potency among professional drivers became quite a serious issue, almost national problem in Poland. The matter was explored by a few sexologists. They found  that during long journeys driver’s testicles were simply boiled. This effect was further increased by their clothes that were usually too tight and non-breathing. As a result, drivers were recommended to use loose airy pants made of linen or a similar textile. In addition to that, they were advised to apply ice packs on their testicles.
Those who complied with these guidelines regained their “powers” after a while.

Today, we witness a return of this problem in connection with the use of laptops. No, your eyes do not betray you. As indicated in their names, laptops are often kept on the lap when a man is sitting  and directly on the testicles when he is lying down. Laptops are cooled on the side and at the bottom. The result is that they can literary "boil" the testicles.

If you use your laptop in such positions you know exactly what I mean. At first you may not notice any problem, but after a while you can even start feeling pain in your balls and you do not know where it comes from. So now you know .
A simple advice: put something like a pillow under your laptop before placing it on yourself. The best solution would be a special little table unless you think it is too extravagant. On the other hand, you can also use such a table to have breakfast in bed with a girl…
Lack of space
This is due to today’s fashion.  Jeans that are often too tight do the worst job. If for some reason you feel sexual impotence, and you do not really know why, your jeans may be to blame. It is better to put on some soft textile pants. If you want to wear jeans, chose a loose fit model.
As far as underwear is concerned – if you put on underpants made of artificial fibre, this alone means you are boiling your “jewels”. If, in addition to that, your underwear is tight you probably already feel that something is wrong.
I usually go without underwear and I’m OK. In fact, I only wear boxers when it's cold or when I go skiing. I hope my attitude is not the cause for decline of underwear industry :)
Your potential depends on the conditions of storing your testicles, so take a good care of them.

In Tantra there are many exercises involving special massage of testicles. I wrote about that in the article about increasing potency. Such massage aims at warming up the testicles, but it is a short-term warming done just  to boost sperm count and increase the production of hormones.

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