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Penis size


As you can see I now write on very popular topics. I decided to take up this issue because I have been flooded with questions about penis size, so I will able to refer people to my blog.
The size of the penis, it is a topic that interests every man since beginning from the very first time he realises he possesses such a part of a body.
The size of penis has become the subject of numerous of myths and misunderstandings. Many men actually have penis complex, hence the great popularity of selling miraculous potions and mysterious tricks for penis enlargement.
So what is the size of penis? According to research it’s length ranges from 12.5 cm to 14.5 cm. This is the standard. Results are burdened with an error of +/- 1.5 cm. This is due to the methodology of measurement, but also depends on an individual. Even if you measure your penis yourself, you can see differences depending both on the time of the day and the period in your life. For example, it depends on time that has passed since your last erection and on the method of measuring.

There are various methods of measuring: along the side, on the top. You should start measuring at the abdomen and measure along the top, because this corresponds to the depth you will be able to  go into the vagina.

According to research the average diameter is 12.6 cm and variations are within the range of
1.3 cm. I think the diameter matters most. The wider penis the better because this allows to fill a woman better and stimulate her better. But if you have a penis with a small diameter, the case is not hopeless, because you still have the hands and fingers. If woman’s vagina is not filled completely, there is absolutely nothing wrong with slipping you finger or fingers in and stimulate her more. But for starters, the most most important thing is foreplay and how much you warm the woman up. Then at least for the first few minutes the woman will be so tight that you will not need to use your fingers. Because most men finish the intercourse after two minutes it virtually takes care of everything.

In the future, I will write here how to extend the intercourse and how to get to 10-20-30 minutes, and then some additional techniques will be useful to give her the most pleasure possible.

What size is sufficient to satisfy a woman?
All you really need is 10 centimetres, because vagina is only sensitive to that depth. The most sensitive areas are placed from the entrance to 4 cm deep. So possessing a gigantic 25 cm does not necessary serve satisfaction of a woman but the owner’s ego. And if you do not have a 25 cm long penis you can breathe with relief. An if you have a 10 cm long Willy, you are still perfectly able to cope.

I remember when one of my former women after some time had passed since our last meeting for the purpose of pleasure, told me about her new boyfriend. She put it this way: “You know he's got such a small one than I was astonished when I first touched it. I think his penis is by half smaller than yours! But this does not in the least matter, because he swings it about so much I still have orgasms.”

A friend of mine whose husband had a penis too small for her needs, bought a special special fitting that they fixed on the penis, then pulled a condom over the entire construction and they were doing just fine. So it’s possible to cope even with tiny penis. In short, gentlemen, it is about  technique rather than size. I will write more about the technique and pace of thrusts.

On the other hand I have a story of two girls who had to do with 25 cm-equipped guys. The first one told me about it like 10 years ago but I still remember it because I was a bit shocked. She said simply: “It was nothing special and then I was all sore.”
Another story: One of my girls told about a guy thought he was the eighth wonder of the world because of his giant penis. Women he knew went to bed with him out of curiosity to check how it is. She said that they all reacted in the same way. They never saw him again after the first time. His penis was big but he did not know what to do with it and sex with him was hopeless. Well, there is no account for the tastes. I am sure that there are a lot of men who would be completely satisfied with this situation. If you are one of them, get an implant.
If you have such a giant in your pants learn how to use it, because it is difficult to enter the whole of it in. It’s true that woman's vagina is very flexible but it also has its limits. So keep in mind that
it's not about how far you go in but at what angle, what frequency you use, etc.

Does penis size really matter?
The length doesn’t but the the diameter does. I will probably add to this subject in the future. You need to know that when you are 17 or 18 years old your penis is still growing. Only about at the age of 20 it reaches its final size. And that dependents on your genes.

Can you do something about the size?
You can, but you can also do harm to yourself. I've heard about guys, who attach several-kilogram weights to the penis in order to extend it. Or attach smaller weights on daily basis somehow cleverly hiding them in their pants. To me this simply means hurting oneself.
As I mentioned earlier you do not need to have a giant penis, all you need is you 10 cm. But if you have a longer one do not cut it short :)
If you have a smaller penis tantric methods can help you to extend it by 1-2 cm. There are also methods of hypnosis even though it sounds impossible.  The Adept made a special recording that was first tested on several our students. The results were promising, astonishing, indeed.
The first group which underwent the "treatment" consisted of three persons. One of them says his penis did not get longer but the difference in the diameter is huge, as the happy owner reports. The other two said their penises had grown by about 1 cm. I do not know what to make of this but basing on what I know about the making of this hypnotic technique, I can say that there is something in it. Certainly a very interesting result of this recording is that it induces the production of testosterone. Therefore, those who workout go hunting for this audio because they have huge gains without chemicals.

Still about the size. It is interesting that in Europe it is the Swedes who have penises of the greatest size. Ladies looking for interesting experiences usually go to Arab countries, as it is commonly believed that the sizes tend to be larger (because actually are larger). In fact, those ladies can travel much nearer…
It is the same with Africans. So it is not an unusual sight in Poland – a Negro surrounded by blondes and other keen women.
On the whole, I am not surprised by this. If guys heard that women of a certain nations have vaginas constructed in such a way that they are able to suck dicks they would undoubtedly chase women of that nation. This reminds me of one amazing woman I once knew and another even more original case, but I will write about women and vaginas in the week to come.
One more thing about small penises. Statistically, the yellow race is characterised with smaller penis. So this goes for the majority of people are walking around this planet. I talked about this with several women who had lovers from Japan, China, etc. They say that one did not really notice their size because they were incredibly good lovers and the rest did not matter.
And it is my job to make you such a good lover too and be perceived by women as one. So read this blog, practice, and then thank me. And if you forget to thank me you know that I will take care of your woman :).
Women do not have penises, and to them they are something very attractive. Most of them had ever seen maybe a few of them, and so really do not know what one should be like. Therefore the fact whether you have a large or small one really does not really matter that much. It matters what your penis can do.

P. S. Do not be shy and comment! Although the blog has been not running long it has already almost 1,000 readers. Send a link to your friends, let them read, too.

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