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Penis size



Although I have already touched upon this subject I will now take another approach.

Many men have an unnecessary penis complex. I wonder how it is with those who have real “clubs” down there.
I have done some research and found information about the longest penises.
The largest documented penis (measured by a doctor) was 34 cm long and 16 cm in diameter. Another, contemporary case measured by a layman is 35 cm long and belongs to a New Yorker. I saw the picture. I just hanged down to the knees :)
I read that Rasputin had 28.5 cm penis but this cannot be verified.
Owners of such giants did not have as easy life as it might seem. It is difficult for them to achieve a full erection. Erection occurs from blood flow and you realize how much blood is needed to fill such a large penis. I wouldn’t be surprised if those guys felt dizzy or even fainted at displacement of so much blood.
According to the Wikipedia this is how a penis should be measured:
“It is recommended to repeat the procedure several times to measure the length of the penis at certain time intervals (preferably on different days) and then average the results. Differences in the results of measurements results from, among others, factors such as room temperature, the degree of sexual arousal, the period of time that has elapsed since the previous erection, time of day, and measurement error.
The length shall be measured in a standing position on the dorsal side of the penis, from the base to the tip. The results are erroneous when measuring it or ventral side.

Circumference should be measured during full erection in three places – just below the glans , at the base and between the two places , and then compute the average of the measurements.

The penis must be in full erection in order to obtain reliable results. In some populations it may be difficult to achieve for technical reasons. Measurements during full erection induced by pharmacological methods give more consistent results. Sometimes, the test must be based on stretching the flaccid penis as hard as it is possible without hurting oneself. Moreover, penis length values reported by men are often unreliable due to their tendency to overestimate the size.
The average size of the penis is 12.9 to 15 cm with a diameter of 12.6 cm.
I have written here what length of the penis is required to satisfy a woman. If you don’t have a 35 cm long penis or not even 20, or 15 or 10 you can easily cope and make your partner very happy.

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