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Self-confidence and quality of sex


With the passing years, I am becoming more and more convinced that every aspect of our lives depends to enormous extent on what’s going on in our heads. It greatly matters what we think about ourselves and how we perceive the world around us.
I’ll write a few sentences about confidence and how it affects the quality of sex.
Surely you watch different movies where a macho calls on his woman and without any dispute does what he wants with her and goes off.
The woman seems at first to dislike the situation (or fakes this attitude) but do we know what she really thinks? The longing in her eyes after he leaves shows something just opposite.
Now imagine a gentleman who is afraid to cross the street and is timidly looking around. He does not know what to do with himself and seems to feel so uncomfortable in his own skin that he would like to jump out of it.
I will not go into an argument whether such a person is able to have more or less successful sex.
It’s about something simpler. It’s about our shyness.
Polish culture is specific with respect to our attitude to nudity. To me it was a big shock when I went to an Aqua Park in Austria and entered the massage and sauna area. The placed was, naturally, “coed” (men and women together) but all the people were just “as God made them”.
All men and women were naked and they were not in the least embarrassed. There were some elderly people there and a lot of very young ones.
Now ask yourself this question: Do you go with no clothes on when you are at home and do you feel uneasy about that?
I am writing this to show you that if you do not accept your body and you are shy of it then your sex life will not be mind blowing.
If you are ashamed of your body before yourself, how are you going to feel in front of your partner? Do you imagine hiding or covering yourself?
Imagine that you have a very shy girl who does not show her body, and when it comes to sex she wears special pants with a hole and that is you only physical contact. I don’t think it would be very pleasant.
That’s why I recommend homework for today: when you are at home, walk around naked :) The sun is shining and its rays are coming through the window, so you will not freeze any of you body parts :)
When you go to the beach in summer do not hide behind a screen and do not wear clothes that hide too much of your body. It should do you good.

If you have specific reasons for not liking your body, try to improve it or just accept the shortcomings. I will not elaborate here on how to do it. Believe me, there are dozens, if not hundreds of ways. There are psychologists and therapists who deal with this. Not to mention the fitness caches.




Exciting odors. A simple way to want sex .


Has it ever occurred to you that you smelled some fragrance and immediately became excited?
As far as I am concerned, there is certain brand of perfume  that remind me of a girl I used to love…
Did you know that there are certain smells that cause excitement in most men?

Scientists must be really bored. Sometimes one can read about strangest possible research projects.
Thanks to that, however, we can make use of their conclusions, and in this case especially ladies can use benefit.
Reportedly, the most exciting scent is pumpkin pie combined with lavender. I can believe in lavender because it has long been considered an aphrodisiac , but pumpkin? You will have to check it out.
According to these studies 40% of male respondents felt the greatest excitement at the smell. The studies were conducted in the USA so this may be the reason, may it not?
Another combination of a very strong effect is black licorice and a donut.

Good results are also obtained with the following combination: pumpkin, donut, licorice and orange in addition.
Also traditional feminine perfumes were researched but they were at the very end of the ranking  list.

From what I have read the smell of burned banana peel works wonders on women. I have not tried it yet, but I think I will do it one day. According to the recipe, you should bake a banana skin in the oven in order to obtain a strong smell. This fragrance has some exciting component that works on women and allegedly also on men.

When you have tried these methods, let me know. Or maybe you can tell us about some other secret potion?

P. S.
Read the post on the best sexual positions


Sex Master



A few months ago, I launched „Sex Master” mini course and it is free.

Those, who have already taken that course keep praising me in their emails and thanking me for the advice and hints. Therefore, I suspect you will also find something interesting there.

Preparing the 30-minute audio recording required most effort. I describe there the method to generate the sexual vibration. We wrote about this with Adept here and here .

This recording causes that you start thinking about yourself as a man who is attractive to women. Thanks to it you start meeting those women who really interest you.

For those who already have steady partners there is a lot of information about strengthening the erection and potency, as well as ejaculation control. The course contains also the description of the best aphrodisiacs (in my opinion).

If you haven’t enrolled yet, do it now. Go to the course or website and type your email address. On the coming days you will be receiving subsequent parts of the course via electronic mail.



How I met the greatest Polish seducer


“Tulip” is the nickname given to one gentleman by the media. This man was, in my opinion, the best seducer in Poland.

For those who have not heard about the guy: he was active at the turn of 1970s and 1980s. He had affairs with approximately 3 thousand women and conceived some 30 children. A book could be written about this. Unfortunately, Tulip was a fraud and seduced women in order to steal from them. He ended up in prison.
When I watched the tv series, which was created after the famous court trial, I was in a shock. The case was so special because female victims were still totally enchanted by Tulipan and did not want to testify against him. They said he was a wonderful man and there must have been some mistake, etc.,  etc.
In the days of the raving communist regime this guy was making wonders, miracles. Sometimes he had a few women in one day.
He left prison a dozen years ago. Now he has a wife and lives a completely different life.

I wanted to meet him to see who he was, what kind of energy he emanated, what he spoke like, how behaved, etc. I succeeded. I went to meet him during a vacation with my friends. I cannot reveal all the details. Let me just say that even though the guy spent nine years in prison, he still had a terrible kick forward, one could still feel his “power.” He is small, almost inconspicuous , but it was easy to identify him as a seducer. He has a hypnotic gaze, manner of speaking and self-confidence .

I will spare you the account of his criminal activities. But one has to admit that as a seducer he won the world championship. Although on the tv series Tulip was shown to seduce many women of dubious beauty, but the world on tv is one thing and reality is another. The series was made in 1986 when it was not possible to show many things as they really were, and yet still a big scandal broke up…
A few years ago, Tulip appeared on a talk show, apparently, Tulip said at one point that after you have been with thousand women you lose count…

I wondered how managed to win the hearts of women with such ease.
I found out about a certain technique. I must admit that it really works and makes a desired impression. It is a technique that allows one making a woman see a perfect lover in you at the first sight. Then she herself wants to get to know you.

Unfortunately I cannot reveal the secret of this technique in my public blog. However, if you are the curious, I’ll talk about it at the next “Lover Lesson” course .

The series about Tulip series is repeated on TV from time to time. Watch it, it’s worth it.


Does everybody cheat?


No, this is impossible.
However, statistics do not lie!
50% of partners think of someone else during sexual intercourses…
I hope you can simply accept this fact :)
But it really is quite sad. Women imagine actors like Brad Pitt, George Clooney or some other tv star. Some girls even think about shopping or what hairstyle to choose this time.
Actually, we are no better. It used to be Pamela Anderson and today…  you know best who you think of.
Why is this happening? Boredom, gentlemen, boredom…
I do not know what it’s like to be in a relationship 5 years or longer, but I suspect that with extending time the percentage of bored partners is growing. Although there certainly are laudable exceptions.
Can anything be done about this?
Probably not. One thing is certain. When you have sex with a woman you have just met I am sure you are not imagining some actress.
Likewise, I’m sure that a woman has great sex with her partner she does not necessarily imagine that  she is doing it with someone else. And neither is she thinking about her shopping list for tomorrow.
I wonder if you would like to add something on this topic.



If you have a steady partner and after some time sex her is not as exciting as at the beginning you can use a trick .

Learn the techniques described below. As a result, you will have better sex and she will have more fun, too.

She will benefit in two ways. First of all, she will have stronger orgasms.
In addition to that she actually will see that you are much more satisfied.

And you will feel that she is tight down there. Wonderful, isn’t it? To achieve this goal, it is enough to follow the instruction below.

Tell her that you read about a certain technique on a blog on sex. This will be the truth! You can even show her this post :)

She should clench her Kegel muscles when you’re inside her vagina and
you are making the “pulling out” motion. When you are pushing back in, she should loosen the muscles. At the beginning it will be difficult for her, but she will learn.

Let me explain what Kegel muscles are, because not everyone knows that.
These are the muscles of the pelvic floor. A woman can easily identify them when
she urinates . When you want to stop urination, you just tighten these muscles.

At the beginning she should do it slowly because this is the process of learning. At the beginning it will not be easy, especially if she has never trained these particular muscles .

Let me repeat: when you are pulling out she should tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor as hard as she can, as if she wanted to stop peeing. When you’re already deep inside, she should loosen the muscles.

Now, the effect is as if she was holding your penis and giving you a hand job. Thereby blood is being pumped to the penis head and it is just more swollen. Thus, you will have more pleasure and she will, too. It is because your penis will be fuller and you will be filling her better.

You can see this technique has only pros and no cons, and makes both partners happy.

Test how it works and write a comment on this entry. You will be able also to express your  thanks :)


Everything starts from our thoughts and looking at one’s ENTIRE SEXUAL SPHERE in such a way that it will bring benefit instead of frustration. It is also about understanding what a woman is really saying, the courage to talk without restraint with your partner about sex and what gives pleasure to both of you.1

Continue reading. It is worth it.

I have just recalled a story of a very attractive friend of mine who like anal sex more than the vaginal one. Not long ago, she met a guy and everything was going great. Because they live in different towns they initially infrequently saw each other. He did not press for sex and at first he liked this (she was used to men salivating at her very sight). It seemed he was Mr. Right.

When she came to Warsaw to stay with him for two weeks they had sex for the first time. On the first night she told me she loved anal sex and she would like to make love this way. He consented a little hesitantly but something went wrong and during the intercourse his penis limped. The friend of mine did not play best. She did not talk to him and they did not take time to clarify some aspects of sexuality to each other. After that night everything went wrong. The man became very cold towards her and they never got close again. The situation was tense. She left Warsaw and they split up.

In my opinion, the man was unable to carry the burden of the fact that a woman may be more sexually experienced and open than himself. Due to that he clammed up emotionally with the consequences as above. It’s sad.

I don’t know whether you, dear Reader, encounter women who are more or less sexually experienced than yourself. I encounter both situations. To me this is not a critical factor.

It is important to be able to communicate before sex (courting or seduction), during and after sex (sexual intelligence).


All of us vibrate with sex. Some people have intense and some – weaker sexual vibration. This depends on many biological and mental factors.

If you have a high level of testosterone your vibration is for sure stronger. Testosterone production, however, decreases in man’s body with the passing years. However, there are methods to increase its production. Look for testosterone boosters in a shop with supplements for body builders. You can also use my hypnotic recording titled “Libido and testosterone”.

Your general state of health, diet and vitamin deficiencies also influence this. Take care of that. This just involves general knowledge.

Stay fit. Go to gym, practice martial art or go to fitness classes. All this will not only keep you in shape but also boost your energy level. The very awareness of your physical power also influences your sexual vibration.

Now, I will go back to the theme closer to my domain of knowledge. I would like to verify your attitude to sex.

Because it is your attitude to sex that constitutes the starting point to the sexual tuning of your brain.

The way you perceive women and female sexuality, what you consider “allowed” and “forbidden”, what is “becoming” and what “unbecoming”, what is your sexual potential – all these create the foundation of your sexual vibration.

I would like to ask yourself the following questions:

Do you think that women are “nice” and it is unbecoming to talk to them about sex?

Is talking about sex with a woman you’ve just met wrong?

Do you think women are less or more sexually oriented than men?

Do you think women have more sex than men or the other way round?

Do you think that women don’t like sex?

Is it wrong to have anal sex, have sex in a triangle, etc.? Or is this too perverse to you?

Are you scared of women who are more experienced in sex than you?

Are you ashamed of an idea that your parents could find out that you have sex? Do you refrain from taking on the phone to a girl when you are with them?

Do you think you have little experience in the area of sex?

Do you think your penis is too small and a girl may be dissatisfied with it?

Are you embarrassed to talk to a girl about intimate and lascivious things the first or second date?

Do you feel uncomfortable if you do talk to her about that?

Do you feel uncomfortable when touching in a sexual manner a woman you have just met?

Do you feel uncomfortable when telling a woman about your sexual needs? Do you think this is like making a pervert out of yourself and do you feel guilty?

Have you got any fears connected with sex? (strong fear of pregnancy, anxiety related to woman’s perception of you, worrying about what she will think if you kiss her)

Would you feel uncomfortable making love to your girlfriend with other people watching?

When being in the room with a newly met woman would you have a problem with taking out you penis through your fly and masturbating still FEELING GOOD despite her reaction?

In your opinion, do all women “sleep around” and cheat with an exception of your girlfriend who is he only wonderful and innocent creature?

In your opinion, must a woman be in a monogamous relationship to have sex with you?

When watching a film with a newly met girl would you feel uneasy during the erotic sequences?

If you have answered “yes” to the above questions or any of them causes you to feel uneasy you have just begun to identify you own mental sexual barriers.


So, would you like to have better sex?


As you can see, I have been posting various articles here and you have been able to read some more or less interesting advice. Some of them can be verified in practice, some may seem weird and others – just wonderful.

And maybe it is possible to do it in an easier way. Is there any general method that will ensure great sex with your partner? Of course there is. What’s more, I will reveal this secret to you in a second :)

The method is very simple: talk to her about sex. Shockingly easy, isn’t it?

I’m sure you have listened to some songs about love and sex. You have watched films and read various articles. You have talked to your friends, both male and female. Even teachers at school tried to teach you something. So you have some background and when you are alone with a woman you can cope.

Unfortunately, many men (I’m not implying you are one of them) derive their knowledge on sex from porn films and attempt to apply things they see in their bedrooms and with their spouses.

You should know that things shown in such films may in reality fact scare a woman off. In those films couples are arranged in space to provide for a good shot. It is not about closeness or pleasure but about good presentation of genitals.

Particularly where oral sex is concerned, if you do it the way you watched in pornographic films your partner will be totally disappointed. Therefore I am happy that you are reading this blog because you will find here a few interesting techniques and your sexual life will improve for sure.

If you happen to like something and it brings you pleasure, tell her about it. How is she supposed to know? If you are too embarrassed think about a way to suggest her to touch your body in a given way.

Maybe you like to be “scratched behind the ear” (you can put anything in the brackets). You are ashamed to ask her, so you can use an anecdote or a story. E.g. “Have you seen such and such film? There was a prince who had a special maid who scratched him behind the ear. I have watched the film 10 times and it still puzzles me whether this is nice. Could you do try to this with me?”

Or: “You would not have believed what people talk about in the underground. I am even embarrassed to tell you.” Then sit still and silent with a timid expression. She will start asking you and then give up, and continue. “Just imagine, two 18-year-olds were sitting on the train and discussing sexual experiments. One of them said that men actually had the G-spot just like women. She went on to precisely describe its location and explained how to stimulate it. She said her boyfriend had had such an orgasm she could not believe her own eyes. You know, I have never heard about anything like that. I admit it worked on my imagination. It’s a pity you probably won’t dare to check this out…”

And what if she likes being spanked and you have been 10 years with her and still have not given her what she likes? She is more likely than not to look for a lover who will give her what she wants.

Therefore you’d better start talking. Ask her what she likes and what she wants to do. But if she doesn’t want to tell you in that very moment, don’t push it.

Still, you will have made her aware that you care and she will open up in her own time to the benefit of both of you.



This will cure you of everything :)


Whoever you talk to these days feels sick, sneezes , coughs , etc. I’ll give you so very unscientific and effective way to cure themselves .

This method is also very important for the sexual sphere. The effect is similar to a long-term treatments.

The whole secret lies in laughter and what it entails: relaxation and well-being. Long ago, I read about cases of “miraculous curing”. Maybe you also heard about such cases.

Those who experienced that said to themselves that since they had so little time left they at least wanted to have some fun.

Therefore they watched various comedy movies and read funny books. They did all they could to laugh a lot, for a long time and often.

If your partner is tense, there is no chance you bring her to an orgasm or even make her have any pleasure of sex at all. Similarly, if you are stressed your potency is low, not to mention the fact that sex is the last thing you have on your mind at that time.

Therefore, find some infective medicine below.






Sexual vibration

The founding father of modern art of seduction, Ross Jeffries has once used an interesting way to describe the process.

According to him, all thoughts in person’s head move and generate energy. All that energy is interlinked and it is circulating… and all thoughts passing in one’s head hit the physical body like a stick hits a gong. And these strikes create a “vibration”, which then emanates from you.

It’s just a metaphor. But the interesting truth is that women can pick up this vibration.
To put it simply, one could say that your vibration depends on your thoughts (beliefs about yourself, perception of women and views on life).
So if a man sees a beautiful woman and, on one hand, desires her, on the other hand he feels sexual frustration or despair (because he has not had or touched a woman for months or even years), he has memories of unsuccessful relationships with women and hopeless sex. All these thoughts mix in his head and are reflected in the energy field of his body. They interfere with his personal and sexual natural vibration.
The sexual sphere of human life involves a vast amount of raw emotional energy that circulates in the body and the brain.
If your vibration (emanation) is the result of the habitual ways of thinking which strike the energy field of the body, the final result gives a poor vibration. And before you even open your mouth a woman already feels that there is something wrong. She senses some contradiction and inconsistency. So women will reject you based on their intuition and instinct.
Let’s take another example. Imagine a man walking down the street. He is smiling and relatively satisfied with life. Deep down he believes that sex is the most normal thing in the world. He is convinces he can have sex with a woman or women without problems. He also knows that he is able to satisfy a woman in bed in a variety of interesting ways.

Let’s say this man believes women just want to flirt and have fun in bed like him. And it is a healthy, good and right. He knows that women are “naughty little girls” who think about sex probably even more often than he does.
Such a man will be walking down the street and he will catch eyes of the women he passes. They will have sexual effect on him and he will have sexual effect on them just because of thoughts and projection of emotional state. Sometimes it happens to me that as I walk down the street or go into a club I give a sensual look to some woman (for example a waitress) and she stumbles, becomes mixed up or her hands start shaking. In that instance I have in my head a mental picture of me and her spending wonderful passionate moments… and it shows in my eyes, and the woman feels intuitively my sincere and pure intention to give her sensual pleasure.
However, if a man has thoughts like “Oh my God, that they too hot, I want them… but am afraid of them! I last had sex half a year ago, and Sophy told me that she did not have an orgasm… oh my God… I’ll never be able to satisfy any woman.”
“But this girl is so sexy… oh, God I think my dick is going up… and yet – no! Someone might see me! And what if she thinks I’m a pervert ? What’s going to happen? Jesus, my throat was dry, what am I to do? Just look at her neck…”, etc.
Such racing thoughts cause that the man shows bizarre body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. The overall vibration becomes hopeless.
Everything has a beginning in our thoughts and the attitude to the ENTIRE human sexuality. An appropriate attitude will give you advantage instead of frustration. Some call it SEXUAL INTELLIGENCE.