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Obesity and sex or how to do it with a fatso

Is sex with obese people a problem or not? How are overweight persons perceived? And what can one do in such a case, anyway?
Some time ago, when I was basking in the sun and reading a book on a wild beach on the bank of the Vistula river, I saw a couple or rather a family. There was a frail-bodied 160 cm tall man, two children and HER. She looked some 170 kg, the same height as her husband but he would have been obviously unable to put his arms around her. I was astonished to see shocked their children because it was difficult to imagine how they had been conceived. I imagined how hard this poor guy had needed to work, but I would never have had thought that they were able to do anything with the woman on top. And then I got a shock. The guy went into the water and lay down so that he was partly floating in the water (taking into account the cleanness of the Vistula some dermatologist will certainly be pleased with a new customer). Then this woman came over and bang! she sat on him. Instead of bending in two with pain the guy was cool. Interestingly enough he looked totally content…
But back to the point: as demonstrated by the above example sex is perfectly possible when one person in a couple is overweight. The problem arises if both a man and a woman are huge. They face  simple mechanical limits. Sometimes I it is simply impracticable. Then they should use oral stimulation, Spanish sex (penis between the breasts) or manual stimulation .
By the way what does the term “overweight” stand for? It means that fat constitutes more than 20% of total body weight in men and 25% of body weight in women. How can you learn about it? Go to the doctor’s or to the gym. In those places there they have suitable instruments for measuring it.
It is interesting to know what I heard from a few women. Since this is the opinion of barely a few percent of those who I have known do not take this too seriously. These women told me that they liked guys with bellies . No actually fat ones but those with bellies. They said that when a man is on top his belly is kind of massaging her body. No comment on my part, but you can add comments below this article. Maybe you have a similar experience.
Anyway, you should be aware that if you are overweight the chances of finding a partner that suits you drastically decreases. We live in a society where physical attractiveness is extremely important. Every woman decides if she likes you or not within two seconds after looking at you. Not only that, after two minutes of conversation she sets the image of you and 99% of opinion about you is built within this time. Changing anything in this respect later may be, and often is impossible, because another meeting just does not occur.

It has been scientifically proven that both men and women in stable relationships no longer take care of yourselves as they used to when they were single. Women on average gain weight of 8 kg and I don’t know how much guys weight increases : )
If you are in a relationship you know how you looked before you met your woman and what you look like now. Be aware that time of parting with your woman can be determined statistically with accuracy down to one month. How so? If you do not care about yourself it shows you do not feel obliged to try hard, because now she is already YOURS (in your imagination). If your woman has ceased taking care of herself, too, then your relationship will last. But what kind of life is it when you are not attracted to her because she is longer like she once was. She thinks the same way about you. Your sexual contacts will become rarer and they will eventually stop. All these inevitably lead to coldness and treachery.

In our times, one’s body is like a business card. So, really, move your ass and exercise a little bit. If you go on a healthy diet you will be feeling better every day. If you become lean and athletic  you will automatically gain self-confidence which is not without effect on your relations with women.

Sexual positions for fat people

The basic one is the missionary position.  Another one to recommend is on the side and the woman should be placed at a certain angle. It is also worth trying “a rider” but often it will not be a classic one. If the woman is very much overweight it is proposed to sit on the side.
Once more, I would like to mention as a curiosity that in Arab countries obese women are considered more attractive. There, a wife is bought according to her weight, the heavier, the more valuable . This actually indicates the status of her husband.  The Arabs themselves claim that they just do not like to knock against bones. So I would suggests that ladies who refuse to lose weight that they should emigrated and live under palm trees : )
Men who do not want to lose weight are advised to go to Africa. There obese men are considered rich and enjoy great esteem. Some countries on that continent are so poor that people cannot afford food and cannot become fat. You can probably easily guess how to recognise the African King at a distance.

Below I provide some information on obesity and its impact on sex. Do not read this if you are slim and fit.
Where does obesity come from? This blog is not a diet but it all boils down to just two things. Nutrition and exercise, or lack thereof.
There are those who explain all this by the genes. Do not full yourself. Scientists proved some time ago that if a person with “bad genes” applies the basic principles of nutrition these genes do not show. The nutrition issue is trivial. If you're fat I can put it bluntly. This is a sentence one guy who started dieting in August heard form his doctor: "Eat less". And that is all that can be said on the subject.
There are always instances of "miraculous " slimming. You probably know of some people who lost weight by some astonishing methods.

I met this guy years ago during the making of a film on seduction and Tantra. It's truly amazing how he changed with yet another.
On youtube you can find a lot of examples showing gentlemen weighing 220 kg who lose weight and become 70 kg. Even yesterday I saw a video where a man pulled out of the closet his pants from a few years ago. These pants have more than two meters in diameter. He could have entered into them with eight others like the present him.
If you feel that you cannot lose weight then go on limiting your own potential and stuffing yourself with food.
I only have access to statistical data and research results on obese people’s sex from the Unites States and I have no comparison with Europe. If anyone has heard of any study like that, please let me know. The American data surprisingly show the following: sexual activity of the obese is similar, if not higher than of people with normal weight.
However, it is important to know that the prevalence of obese inhabitants in the US is significantly larger than in European countries. In the States country, being fat is a standard. And if so, people do not have an obesity complex. They look just like others…
What does this mean? It follows that the obese people in the States do not feel less attractive. They think of themselves as "normal " so their sexual activity is also normal.

Here, it is quite different.

In addition to that, excessive weight leads to a variety of problems, and even depression. Both obese men and women are considered less attractive. And less attractive they are. Just compare a sleek model in a colour magazine to an even younger girls with a pretty face with fat showing under her blouse .
Obese women have the magnitude of the complexes associated with lower parts of their body: abdomen, buttocks and hips . These complexes cause depression, which is clearly reflected in the perception of their own attractiveness. This, in turn, affects and decreases the libido. Moreover, this works exactly the same in men.

Lowered libido is accompanied with a few additional problems. Very often, obese men have problems in insulin secretion and diabetes. That disease causes disorders of the vascular and neurogenic processes that are responsible for the occurrence and maintenance of an erection. They often have various resulting health problems and need to take medication, which have their own side-effects. I particularly mean medication against hypertension. Not to mention hormonal disorders .
Be aware that the enormity of fat causes lowering of sensitivity to touch. So sex as such is less pleasant. Of course, there are some deviations like “feeders”, but this is a topic for a separate article.

Women, on the other hand, should be aware that if you have a large overweight contraceptive pills do not work properly and the probability of unplanned pregnancy is higher. However, the amount of fat in the body affects the quality of egg cells. They are poorer quality. I will not elaborate on this further. People who are eager to learn more can find relevant material on the Internet or in the library.  Nevertheless, if you want to give birth at all and have a healthy baby it is better to lose weight first.
That's enough. I have is written too much : ) To conclude, I would like to add that the best sex I've had in my life was with the girls who practiced some sport. It was not because they were more fit but because the had better muscles inside.

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