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How do I know if she had an orgasm?


Let me start with a bit of statistics.

The majority of married women have not been adequately treated in bed by their husbands for at least half a year.

Most women have never had a multiple orgasm.

20% of women have never had an orgasm.

70% had never had an orgasm during an intercourse. More than half of all women regularly pretend they have orgasm…

The most importantly thing, however, is that women love sex just as men do, if not more. The reason why they do not jump on every man they encounter is a complex issue. Apart from the cultural and social aspects, the primary constraint is the 9-month-long side effect… Men do not have this problem. Therefore, I will not specifically dwell on it.

Coming back to the topic: How to guess if she has had an orgasm?

Virtually, it looks a bit different in every woman. In some effects are quite spectacular, and sometimes strange, really strange … Some cry, others laugh, others sing AveMaria… I'll write more about it soon with examples from practice.
No less simply meet a woman orgasm by several factors:

Accurate in 80% of cases: when you have your finger in her bottom her muscles tighten during an orgasm.  This happens automatically, she has no control over this.
During oral sex when you see her being "pulled in " she will come in exactly nine seconds… so better carry on stimulating her at this point, if you value your life…
You can also tell for sure when you see she has ejaculation. Yes, women also have ejaculation. I have written an article dedicated to that subject.

There are women who experience the orgasm as if they were electrocuted. A woman under the
you, or on you, depending on the circumstances, gets so intense contractions that her whole body is shaking in a characteristic way.

As I wrote earlier 70% of women have never had an orgasm during an intercourse. Therefore, if you have a feeling she has not come it means she really has not.
Yes, it would be better if she has had, because it's a very nice release of tension. However, women love sex not for the sake of an orgasm, but for other reasons. It's about the closeness of the bodies, it's about the very pleasure of physical contact and very intense one. Sex itself is attractive to women. That’s why they love it. And if it ends with an orgasm, it’s even better.

And learning how to make woman have an orgasm takes a several-hour-long seminar.

Remember: DO NOT ASK A WOMAN WHETHER SHE HAS COME OR HOW THE SEX WAS. You are a the guy and you are supposed to know what you are doing and to take care about it all. By asking such questions you loose all your esteem!

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  • Adeel 13 November 2013, 04:04

    Sometime in the distance past, I toghhut I heard a similar call to sex from another evangelical preacher. His worry and I am paraphrasing him was that the evangelicals were not reproducing quickly enough to offset the birthrates of the non-evangelical couples. Clearly he and the Rev. Young need more families like the to solve their problem.I also noticed that Tucker has lost the bowtie. I caught a bit of him on Fox news when I was in the US.OK .Tom

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