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Funny problems of men …


No, this time there will be nothing about impotency complex and what to about all this…

Today I am going to write on the real problems with men going on holiday.

Every year our team of the craziest guys under the Sun goes skiing. The leader is Peter, whose book “Sex, Magic and Seducers” you’ve perhaps read. A few members of our holiday team have been described in the aforementioned book. It just so happens that most of them are married .

Because I am single what the guys did before departure seemed funny at the beginning. However, when I thought  about it I came to the conclusion that it’s really a serious problem for them .

The basic issue and challenge is related to the theme “to shave or not to shave“ and when to do that? If you shave your pubic hair off right before departure your wife will think that you are going there for the girls and not for skiing and you can guess what it leads ti.

You will not, however, do without shaving because on vacation various chances and adventures happen. So you’d better be prepared for anything. Ha… and here comes another problem in the form of condoms. Buying them is not a problem but there is a question of the unused ones. Of course, you may not bring them with you home.

Another problem is just general care of your own body. Buying clothes that our baby will not consider “seducing”. Even boots that you buy have an impact on how your “better half” will perceive the trip to come.

How many efforts has a man make to be able to go on a normal vacation. Even if you intend to be polite, inappropriate shopping or cutting your nails may lead to a marital crisis.

I’m very curious what you do before you go on vacation, if you sometimes go away without your spouse . Is it only my friends have such dilemmas and problems or whether it’s a more widespread problem.

Leave a comment and share your methods…

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