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Friction movement: how to move inside of her.


The rhythm, the approach angle, depth, and a few others …
This reminds me of a sequence from the movie “Kariera Nikosia Dyzmy”  (Career of Nikos Dyzma). The main character ends up in bed with Ms. Senator Walewska and proceeds to work. The lady  rebukes him for pushing too hard and Nikos quotes the Bible.
I will write a bit about how to do this for those who do not know and for those who think they know everything.

Before you start you should know that a woman needs at least 15 minutes to get in the mood for sex. You just need a second.
I will spare you the physiology and explanations. But these are the facts and you have to accept them. It is not just about holding the stopwatch in your hand and just enter after 15 minutes of foreplay. Beforehand you should warm her up with words. Or it may be that  a film she has watched, a book she has just read, or even a stranger who has tried to pick her up and there has been some chemistry between them have made her ready. And she comes to you because she can’t wait any longer.
The 15 minutes rule does not exclude spontaneous sex in an elevator or a dressing room. It also depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle is a girl. If she is ovulating she may even rape you because she is bursting with passion.
But that’s not what we are supposed to talk about here. The main concern is that during these 15 minutes the woman’s body releases a variety of hormones and other substances making it possible for you to enter at all.
And this is what you should do when you are already inside.
Before I get to the point I would like to emphasise that every woman is different and something one woman likes may not work at all for the other.
The rhythm: if you keep it unchanged she may even fall asleep. So change it now and then. According to Tantra the rhythm to be used is 3,6,9. So one fast push and three slow ones or 6 quick ones and one slow, etc.
There are a lot of rhythm patterns. Try and see what she likes most .
It is important that you start slowly and gently so that her vagina becomes "adjusted" to your penis. So you first need to slightly push and pull it before you can assume the target rhythm.
As for the tempo, at some point it may even be a hummingbird's wings rate if you can do it :) change it, as well as the rhythm. Some time ago I explained what fractioning was. Now, you have to use exactly the same method. Give her something for a while, take it away and do something else. Then go back to that over and over again. If you keep doing the same thing she will be bored. You will think about what she will be doing on the next day and not about what is happening at this moment. But you are supposed to drive her mad!

OK, let’s see what else there is. The angle of approach. The angle of approach, yes, your eyes have not betrayed you. The angle at what you enter is very important. Especially because of the G spot. If you go in quite shallow in the missionary position but at a sharp angle, you will be stimulating her G spot at the same time. You will achieve the same if she has her knees bent and feet on your shoulders. Then going in shallow you also stimulate point G. Thus you give her amazing experience. At the same time you still have to watch out for depth.

You will sense from her reaction if she likes it deep or shallow. Whatever you do change the technique, once go deep and then shallow. Preferably, go three times shallow, one deep and try to continue for something like 3 minutes. Then change (rhythm / tempo / depth) .
Another very important thing is a total opposite of frictional movement which is reversed slide because you should try to turn your penis when entering . Perform like a rotary motion. This way you increase the impact and the penis makes a longer way inside the vagina. Thus, the increased intensity of the impact on the partner.
In future, I will describe other techniques and there are lots of them. For now, check out the ones given here and when you have checked how they work give some feedback in the comments column. The effect should be like in this picture…

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