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Exciting odors. A simple way to want sex .


Has it ever occurred to you that you smelled some fragrance and immediately became excited?
As far as I am concerned, there is certain brand of perfume  that remind me of a girl I used to love…
Did you know that there are certain smells that cause excitement in most men?

Scientists must be really bored. Sometimes one can read about strangest possible research projects.
Thanks to that, however, we can make use of their conclusions, and in this case especially ladies can use benefit.
Reportedly, the most exciting scent is pumpkin pie combined with lavender. I can believe in lavender because it has long been considered an aphrodisiac , but pumpkin? You will have to check it out.
According to these studies 40% of male respondents felt the greatest excitement at the smell. The studies were conducted in the USA so this may be the reason, may it not?
Another combination of a very strong effect is black licorice and a donut.

Good results are also obtained with the following combination: pumpkin, donut, licorice and orange in addition.
Also traditional feminine perfumes were researched but they were at the very end of the ranking  list.

From what I have read the smell of burned banana peel works wonders on women. I have not tried it yet, but I think I will do it one day. According to the recipe, you should bake a banana skin in the oven in order to obtain a strong smell. This fragrance has some exciting component that works on women and allegedly also on men.

When you have tried these methods, let me know. Or maybe you can tell us about some other secret potion?

P. S.
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