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Does masturbation do any harm?


The statistics are unrelenting: 94 % of men masturbate. The remaining 6% are quite likely ashamed to admit it even in anonymous surveys.
You may have read or heard that one can go blind or deaf because of masturbation. You have also been threatened with the infernal abyss. I wouldn’t be surprised if several PhD dissertations had been written about the possible results of masturbation :)
In Tantra masturbation is regarded quite natural in both women and men. However, it is not supposed to bring satisfaction but self development.

It does not lead to ejaculation. The strong stimulation induces production of sperm and its transformation.
I know it sounds a bit strange, so I will shed some light on this aspect of life in our culture. Everybody says one is not supposed to masturbate for a variety of reasons.
I can confirm one thing: if you masturbate and lose semen it is just pointless. You lose a lot, you do even realise how much.
Firstly, you deprive yourself of energy. You know best how flaccid you feel afterwards. If you do it a few or several times a day you will look like a ghost. You will simply have no power. As if you had no balls and no masculinity at all. Women sense this state. Well, they cannot guess that you jerk off, it rather seems to them you are not there.
I am sure you have seen a movie with Jean-Paul Belmondo. If you haven’t , you’d better watch one. This actor is amazing  the energy, which can be felt even at a distance of a mile away. Let us imagine that next to the actor there is someone who does not have power because he has robbed himself of it. What do you think which of those men is more attractive to women? Which of them is more attractive to people altogether? Which of them will achieve his goals in life and be successful?
If you deprive yourself of energy you will not achieve too much in life.
If you just want to have fun then look for a woman and do it with her. Then at least some of the energy you spend will come back to you. I will explain more in the future how to recover it.
It is a scientific fact that when men get older they have fewer and fewer ejaculations. If at the age of 20 it is not a problem for you to have a dozen or so a week, then once you're over 40 is 3-4 will be even too much, and the one at 50 weeks (I write about the mean). This is due to the extravagance of his youth. I know now that if you are, say, 20 years old, you care very little about what will happen in another 20 years. But when you are already 40+ you have a lot of work to do if you want to improve the current situation. And you sure will cherish the memories from the time when you were young and you had an erection every time a warm breeze blew…
The optimal situation would be if you learned to hold back ejaculation but it does not make sense to to master this technique just in order to spend a whole day masturbating.
So is masturbation harmful? Theoretically it does not affect your body but in reality you will notice its unfavourable effect  in 20 years. At the same time, masturbation may cause a serious psychological harm. Mainly for this reason that you think ill of yourself. The majority of us have been brought up in the Catholic religion that regards masturbation as a grave sin. Therefore, the majority of boys and men feel remorse after they do it. The fact they cannot control it weakens their psyche even more.
Another problem is that when you get used to the narrowness of your own hand a woman will not be satisfactory to you. Because you are able to please yourself better…

But the above issue is nothing, as compared to what I’m going to write now. It is crucial what you masturbate on. If on the girls from the Internet, you really have a problem. If you masturbate in front of a computer the quality of your relationships with women and sexual satisfaction is going to be the poorer the higher speed Internet connection you have.
When you have looked at all these beauties eager to do anything you want, in the real world hardly any woman will be attractive to you .
In my opinion, the greatest drawback of masturbation is the total lack of energy and stagnation in life.
I have already written about female masturbation. Women also do it, but the positive effect of that is that you get the benefit. As a result, a woman simply becomes more sensitive, and then you will have more fun with her. What’s more, she will have more fun, too.
So if look at masturbation as a method to stimulate yourself under control in order to train your body and manage it completely, I fully support it. In my last post how to increase one’s potency I wrote about the technique which requires self-stimulation. You can only perform certain exercises only when you are aroused.

In Tantra, masturbation not only does not end with an ejaculation but not even lead to an orgasm. It is used to exercise body reflexes and control them.
Think about what you have just read and read it again.
I would like to write something interesting . On Sunday, I will run in a marathon for the first time in my life. What is more, this is the classical Marathon in Athens on the original route which the first ancient sprinters used. I have prepared to that both in a conventional and unconventional manner.
The latter involves charging myself with energy but the energy from carbohydrates but that derived from sex. This sounds interesting, if not strange, doesn’t it? :)
In Taoism and Tantra sex is believed to involve exchange of energy. If a man wants to have a lot of energy he should exchange it with as many women, as possible. This makes him stronger, more efficient , etc.
So I have been exchanging energy with a different woman each day for a week now. I will write soon about sustaining multi-relationships. I wonder what effect will my workout bring …
Because tomorrow I'm going to Greece to run the 42 km so the next two posts will be written by Adept. So there will be a bit of inducing orgasms through hypnosis. I strongly recommend this reading to you.
I hope I will survive and come back :)

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