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Do women do it, i.e. female masturbation


This information may be helpful to you in such a sense that when you see a woman you will clearly realise that she has the same sexual needs than you and hers may be even larger.
Studies indicate that 70 to 80% of women masturbate or have masturbated. It is true that women mature sooner than men because at the age of 12-13 years, but they begin to give themselves pleasure later. They do this either after their first menstruation or the first sexual intercourse. On average this happens not sooner than at the age of 16 years and often much later.

They do it for exactly the same purpose as men. To get to know their own body, this is certainly the beginning. Later they discover that their own body gives them pleasure and and they start to take the advantage of it.
You also benefit from it. Because if the woman in your life has not experienced an orgasm masturbating , it will be hard for you to bring her to this. She does not really know what it is like. When she does it herself parts of her body receive stimulation. Some people claim that if a woman only stimulates her clitoris it is then virtually impossible to bring her to orgasm through vaginal stimulation. Believe me, that's not true. There is an array of techniques and sexual positions that contradict this nonsensical theory.
Interestingly, the frequency of masturbation of women with sexual partners is similar to that of those who are single.
Using this knowledge you can actually masturbate your woman. Best do it like she does. You might ask her to tell you or show what gives her greatest pleasure.

Usually women stimulate their clitoris and specifically the glans clitoris. If you want to do this use either saliva or lubricant because rubbing it with dry fingers will be painful for her. If you are afraid you can’t do it ask her to guide your hand or fingers. You can do it by taking her hand and putting it on yours. You can be sure she will know how to take care of herself by guiding your hand and fingers. Learn from her.
Unfortunately, every woman is different, and what you learn from one will not necessarily work on another. Keep that in mind. And absolutely do not pretend at this point that you know something better.
“No, Ann/Kate/Sophie… it's not done this way, because I know that if I rub here it’s going to be fine.” Never say that.
In this case rely on what she likes .
If you stimulate her orally, you can allow yourself to do your own tricks but try to tease her with your tongue in such a way as you did with your fingers before and you knew that she liked it .
Besides clitoris women masturbate their labia, especially at the entrance to the vagina and the vagina itself. It is true that only about 15 % put fingers or another object into the vagina, but I wrote about what you can do in the article about the G spot.
Additionally, you can rub and caress her breasts, women might do it themselves while masturbating .
To me, the confirmation of how sexually conscious women are that their body is designed for pleasure is the fact I know many women who can reach orgasm by just squeezing their thighs together in the right rhythm.
Speaking of rhythm, when you masturbate your woman, change the both the rhythm and the pace. The procedure must not be monotonous but varying. Read about it also in my text about fractioning.
Masturbation is so important for women because it not only allows them to feel pleasure, but also to explore your own body .

Unfortunately, a lot of women have complexes associated with the appearance of their genitals. This  often results from what they have seen in pictures or pornographic films. Keep this in mind when she forbids you to look at her or behaves in a way that seem strange to you.
Actually, porn actresses very often have operations of labia so that imitate the look of the little girls. This is because apparently guys like such look most or maybe it just looks better on the screen. I do not know about you, but for me it is of no meaning.
If you see that your woman masturbates do not reproach her for this. This works to your advantage. In this way she increases the power of the pelvic floor muscles and therefore you will have more fun and her orgasms will be more intense.


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  • Hasnan 14 November 2013, 06:39

    What’s consider an atricttave female body has changed with the times.In times when most women were thin because most women were poor, plump women were considered atricttave, because it showed that they came from a family with money. And the woman with (healthy) curves was considered atricttave for a long time. Look at the women who were famous in the 50s.Then in the ’60s when Twiggy popped on the scene; a skinny boyish figure became the desired ideal. But you know why that probably was??? It probably was because most of the clothing designers were gay men! So of course they would prefer boyishly-figured women. (Though there is a small percentage of gay men who are enamored of boobs amusingly enough)Overall, it seems like most guys prefer females who are slim yet curvy. I’m sure you know what I mean by that.When I was growing up (’80s) the ideal woman was thin with big boobs, small butt, and long legs -the classic Barbie Doll figure. I was the opposite. I had a medium-sized body with small boobs and a big butt and ample thighs. I seriously thought about getting a boob job and liposuction to attain the Barbie ideal. But then Jennifer Lopez bless her(!) made my ( her) type body desirable. And I thought, I’m not going to change my body to make some guy who prefers the Barbie figure like me! I’m just gonna stay the way I am and meet guys who prefer my type of body .There are men who prefer BBW and guys who prefer skinny ones and everything in-between so there’s a guy out there somewhere who prefers the type that you are.Don’t change yourself! Find the person who prefers YOUR type of figure.Lastly another contributing factor to society’s pressure to look a certain way is just simply money. If you are made to feel bad about yourself, then someone or some company can make money (billions) from you buying their products or services. Don’t watch music videos and don’t read women’s magazines(!!!) -They will just make you feel bad about yourself and convince you to spend money to make yourself look a certain way. You are beautiful unique just the way you are!

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