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Do women approach men first?


They sometimes do but in our culture it’s sooooo rare. This is simply because of social preconditioning. It is considered unbecoming for a woman to pick up a man. She might be perceived as “cheap” or “easy”, etc.
Nevertheless such strange things do happen. It has happened to me once. A woman came up to me and the first words she uttered were a marriage proposal. I was shopping and asked a passing girl about something. In response she proposed to me. It was rather impolite of me but I refused. The poor thing might be still crying under the covers… :)
Apart from such rare events it is possible to induce in yourself chemical and physical processes leading to the fact that women themselves will start conversations with you or at least turn around to look at you. This might not be the exact topic of this blog but if you  have this “something” you will be able to go much further with her in bed.
Maybe you even know such a boy who looks so-so and is not well dressed at all. He is neither particularly smart nor handsome but women stick to him like bees to honey. They may even wonder themselves how he does this but they cannot find any rational explanation.
When you have this special vibration a woman sees you as someone special and unique, and completely gives herself to you . Thus when you end up in an intimate situation with her, both of you will get much greater pleasure from sex.
Developing this magnetic effect is not simple and obvious. There are a lot of methods to achieve it.
There is the tantric method , which produces a very specific vibration of your body. Unfortunately, I will not explain here. The place to learn it is in our training course.
This method is quite difficult, but it enables one to achieve a required amount of vibration by way of your life. It requires just a constant work on yourself and your life.
There are those who argue that it is possible to win any woman when one is very rich or very good-looking.
Unfortunately this is just a myth, because most of the very wealthy men totally do not know how to behave with a woman and when you are trying to impress her and then the attempts to impress her with an expensive watch, car or good job have an exactly opposite effect.
Yes, money and power act as a magnet. Once I happened to meet one of the richest Poles. He stood with me in the lift. He didn’t look posh or richly dressed but you could just feel power from him. One could say that he actually beamed.
This is something you can learn – not radiating power but beaming with a conviction that you are a great man and lover.
It is similar with the myth of men that have great looks. Models are good-looking but the fact they look cool does not necessarily mean they know how to talk to women. Even though at the first glance a girl imagines fantastic sex with this guy then after 5 minutes of conversation she might want to run away. Of course, it is not always the case, but proves true in the majority if instances.
One model who got business cards from passing women when walking along one of the main streets in Warsaw (Nowy Swiat Street), but the poor man did not know what to do with them…
Back to the vibrations – you can generate it in yourself. Just learn how to achieve it.
If you want to learn this in a natural way there is a lot of work ahead of you and not everyone succeeds .
A simple recipe is to do everything to make yourself happy. Not physically, but mentally. Have goals and achieve them. Let every of your days be exactly the way you want it to be. If you plan something, you achieve it. By doing this you develop a very special self-confidence. If this state of mind persists for months and years it works like a magnet. It draws in not only women but all the people around.
What do you think, how was it possible that people like Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many others made empires grow around them. Millions of people want to know them and learn from them. The success was not dropped from the sky into their hands. They had been working on it day after day. And they have become an awesome magnet for people.
You also have the potential to do this. I will not describe here how to do this exactly because there is so much to tell a book can be written.
I would add only at the end that you can take a shortcut by using hypnosis or NLP techniques. At the same time better watch out, because I know one gentleman who thus ended up with yellow papers. It has to be done under the supervision of a specialist, or use a proven recording that can quickly produce the vibration.
When you have achieved the required state of mind, women will be eying you. They will jump into your bed and then they will tell their girlfriends about you. They will have erotic dreams with you as the main protagonist. How would you like something like that?

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