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Do men need to ejaculate to have an orgasm?


Some people are still unaware that a man can have an orgasm without ejaculation. So is ejaculation  really necessary or not? I am asked this question often, particularly during the “Enlightened Lover” training or after it. So I will begin with the statement that one does not need ejaculation at all.

Still, I will present the pros and cons below because I know that for many people this is something entirely new .
Did you know that during the whole life an average man "gets rid of " approximately 15 litres of sperm… This amount is sufficient to generate 1 milliard of children. I know it's hard to imagine that you have such potential hidden in your body. This energy and power seem unlimited. Now, let’s think what most guys do with this: thro their semen onto the bathroom wall, into a sock and, maybe best of all, inside a woman.
A what are the consequences? You know best how you feel right after an ejaculation. You are drained of all energy and power and may even fall asleep right away because you are just useless.
Why is this happening ? Because at that time your body produces a new batch of sperm. This product has to be perfect as it can presumably give a start to a new life. And what really happens with this sperm is another matter…
Your body uses about 30 % of its energy for the production of sperm. During that time the immunological system is weakened, the body ceases to regenerate and vitality drops. Anyway, you know best what it is like. There are also long-term negative effects beginning from the simplest: suffering from frequent infections and other diseases. Others follow, such as difficult wound healing, apathy, lack of energy. More serious ones include chronic diseases, hair loss, etc.

With age, a man ejaculates less and less frequently. At 60 ejaculation may drop to one a week or even cease altogether. Therefore start looking for solutions before the problem starts.
Oh wait, but what am I saying? It is perfectly normal a guy has an ejaculation during orgasm, isn’t it? It is a blasphemy to deny it.
Well, not quite. Thanks to mental and physical exercise tantrics have orgasms without ejaculations. Wooooooow…. It’s true :)
I have done like that for 4 years and I’m OK :)

In fact many of us have learned that the greatest pleasure, i.e. orgasm comes together with an ejaculation. Our mind has learned to think that one can not be without the other. But you can teach your mind to something else. Your orgasm will be one thing and the ejaculation, or rather absence of thereof -  another. An orgasm constitutes a series of muscle contractions and you will have them. You do not need ejaculation to achieve this.

This is not something one can learn in a day or a week. It requires regular exercise but if I managed to learn, you can do it, too .
Sometimes, I hear from the people I trained that they still want to have ejaculations because it's so cool. Ok, it’s their business. They don’t know how nice it is when you have an orgasm and do not ejaculate. Then you can make love to a woman as long as you have enough stamina, and it's probably worth it.
In addition to that you will almost never get sick. Instead of producing sperm your body’s energy will be spent on regeneration and fighting against viruses . It has been medically proven that tantrics live longer.
An invaluable thing may be also to see the facial expression of your woman when she will be doing everything in her power to make you ejaculate and nothing will happen. You will have several orgasms , but you will still be able to do whatever you want. Nice perspective, isn’t it?
You can ask at this point: “All right, but if I spend two days without ejaculation, my testicles will explode”.

Believe me, they will be just fine, since there are appropriate mental exercises will allow you to use the energy dozing in your balls to achieve more ambitious tasks.

Now that I'm training hard for a marathon I noticed an additional advantage that you may have missed . The fact that I have not been sick for four years is one thing, but what I see now is an incredibly fast regeneration of the body. Yesterday during my workout I ran 25 km and today I feel fresh like a newborn baby. I am convinced that if kept losing semen like most guys I I would feel all sore after running such a distance and it would take me a few days to recover.
Let me assure you that when you are already able to have an orgasm without ejaculation you will still be perfectly capable of ejaculating if you wish to conceive descendants. This is not an irreversible process :)
Theoretically, you can also use this as a form of birth control but I do not recommend it, because you may just drop a blob once and there will be a problem .
Of course, there are also disadvantages lack of no ejaculation. First of all, there is a disappointment of women who are not accustomed to the fact that nothing they can actually observe is happening . After 20 minutes, your partner may start to wonder if something is wrong with her as you cannot come. So if you take up tantra tell your woman so that she does not become stressed out. And when we are talking about just one drop – I was amused when women would beg me: “Give me one drop, just for me especially …
Another drawback is that you do not transfer energy to the woman with your semen. If you have been always using condoms it does not matter. However, if you have had a stable relationship and not used condoms you have been "giving her" sperm and a lot of your power with it. Therefore, after each intercourse she received an enormous portion of energy. She was bursting with it and wanted more . You, on the other hand, felt like a deflated balloon so you know exactly how this works. One should also emphasise that sperm contains substances beneficial to woman’s reproductive organs and you cease to provide them.

Here, it is also worth to mention a fact that is rarely made public. Some sportswomen deliberately have a traditional intercourse before a competition and sperm from ejaculation works as a doping substance.  They acquire a very strong energy boost before performing. You can figure out for yourself why this fact is not made public.

The last drawback that comes to my mind refers to those men for whom a good intercourse ends with flooding woman 's breast or even face with sperm. If they can’t see they semen it seems to them sex has been hopeless.
So which path will you choose?

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    Regards for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info.

    • Amir 13 November 2013, 17:00

      there is nothing which can be likend specifically.just take balance diet which provide nutrition to the body and avoid junk food, smoke, alcohol.

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    Thanks so much for the blog article. Keep writing.

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