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Deep Throat


Deep Throat is a type of fellatio when the penis is placed in the mouth and goes into the esophagus without causing a gag reflex .
The text below is not mine. I found it many years ago on a discussion forum and providently added it to the archive. Unfortunately, I do not know the Author. If any of you recognises this article I will add the Author’s name.
I am posting this article as the result of enquiries from curious ladies wanting to know how to do this. So in response I provide below a detailed description of how to do it.
Men who want to experience this should quite accidentally forward this link to their girlfriends with a comment “Isn’t it outrageous what one can encounter on the web these days?” :)

Yes. Just like ladies who wear contact lenses are able to control blinking when they are putting their lenses on you are perfectly able to hold back the expectorant reflex during deep immission of a phallus into the mouth.

The answer to this question is generally positive, although there are always exceptions. Some women simply have too small mouths to fit a large penis in. But an average woman can easily swallow an average-sized penis. Significant deviations above or below the standard are rather rare.

It is a YES for the third time! You will find out for for yourself when your boyfriend starts to moan with pleasure while you'll do to his genitals things that others can only dream about! Specially great exultation is felt when the deep throat occurs unexpectedly. Man’s surprised eyes literarily pop out of his head and stare into your mouth, which sucks in his whole masculinity .

Most men say they feel a nice pressure with around the lower edge of the glans (head) area and particularly the bottom part, which is the most sensitive spot on the penis. You can very quickly bring a man to a strong orgasm by skilful stimulation of this place with your mouth and tongue.

Of course. If you do not like the taste of semen while your boyfriend just loves the finale in the mouth the deep throat makes it easier for you. When you swallow the penis head is so deep down that sperm bypasses the taste buds on the tongue. This does not guarantee mean a complete lack of taste sensations but they are much weaker. Besides, some women choke during ejaculation in the mouth. While working on controlling their gag reflex they acquire the ability to eliminate this problem. I would also advise to take a small amount of semen in your mouth to get used to its taste and viscosity.
And what pleases guys MORE: ejaculation in the mouth or in the throat? That's a matter of personal preference. During shallow ejaculation you are able to additionally stimulate the glans with your tongue. During deep ejaculation, however, you can stimulate the scrotum with your tongue and this is also a pleasant sensation, although a slightly different kind.

That's a pretty advanced technique and you should not try it until you have mastered the foundations of the deep throat.

Sure. For example, there is making sucking movements with the throat and tongue. But it is truly an expert level and I would not advise trying this technique until you have already become good at licking the scrotum during deep throat.

By moving the muscles responsible for sucking you provide a completely new experience in addition to those felt during the basic variant of the deep throat. This works like a kind of massage of the penis. If you master this technique, an abundant ejaculation is only a matter of time.

First of all you have to relax: Take a long bubble bath, gulp a glass of wine, put your favorite musical album on, have a massage with warming oil. Do everything you can to make yourself feel really lazy.
Before you begin ask your partner to show maximum patience and understanding (of course, in some situations he will not be able to control himself, anyhow). Do not expect the while thing will not work out (or rather “go in”). Mastering the basic technique of giving a deep throat with absolutely no signs of choking may take up to a few busy weeks. The principle of small steps is of key importance here (again, contact lenses girls probably know what I mean). An appropriate position is of equal importance. Start with "woman on top" . In this way, you will control the depth of penetration. Later you can try the "guy on top". Lie on your back on the entire length of the bed and let your head drop a little bit off of the edges. This way your partner will be able to decide how far he wants to penetrate your throat. This position is already quite advanced and you should not try it if you haven’t
mastered the foundations. You must be able to bend your neck so as to set your mouth and throat along one line. Be sure to thoroughly cover the penis with saliva. When it is really wet it can slide on your tongue easily.
When the penis is already lubricated with saliva tilt your head sufficiently backward. Stick the tongue out so that its tip goes out of the mouth a little. Try to flatten your tongue just like when a doctor’s spatula flattens it in order to facilitate throat examination. Then "open" your aesophagus, as if you were yawning, thus preventing the gag reflex. By yourself slide the penis in as far as you can without choking and hold it there for about 10 seconds before sliding it out again. Repeat this procedure as many times as you like, but do not stop at less than 10 attempts. Sit back a minute and repeat it all over again. The first session should not exceed the time of 10 minutes (remember that you should do it on the day when your partner is not in a hurry). You decide about the intensity of this exercise. Once you have mastered the first point, try to put your penis into her mouth so deep that you begin to feel the gag reflex . Then hold the penis in such a position about 10 seconds. Try to prevent the reflex by relaxing the throat as during yawning. After a while you will master the movements of the muscles of your esophagus. You will be able to swallow the dick in deeper and deeper. Choose yourself the appropriate rate of the exercise. You should have "classes" about 4 nights a week (or more, if you prefer).

Gradually increase the duration from 10 to a full 30 minutes . It may take a week, a week and a half, or longer. Remember to keep extending the time of practicing at every session. In the end you will not even know it when you swallow the whole penis! I assure you that you will for ever remember the first time you will be able to keep the penis deep in your throat and the only limiting factor will be the need to take a breath from time to time! Once that happens you can start working on more complex and advanced techniques. Just remember about the rule of making small steps but being sure to take a little more of them each time.

One last comment: some people think that during deep throat one is supposed to keep the tongue up at the palate thus providing space for he penis. NOTHING LIKE IT! During the properly performed deep throat the tongue should protrude slightly out of the mouth and possibly lay flat and make a kind of a slippery road for the penis to slide on. Other solutions (e.g. pushing the penis into the cheek) are completely different from a real deep throat!


P. S.

I would like to thank all the participants of the Enlightened Lover Seminar that was held yesterday. I hope that they will promptly use the knowledge that was made available… I was glad to learn that the gentlemen present had been sent by their women. Have a good time testing all the presented techniques and tricks … :)