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Best sexual position

Best sexual position

- To be used if you want to be sure that she is going to have an orgasm (it is most likely to bring a woman to orgasm in comparison to other positions).

- Perfect for defloration because it minimizes the moment of defloration and makes it unnoticeable.

- Promotes closeness and aesthetic impressions at the highest level.

- In this position you are able to have sex even if you have an insufficient erection.

- Thanks to this position she will feel as if your penis was about 3-4 inches longer.

Because did an exceptionally good job with developing this position, I will not give its description here. Relax, it 's still free :) Enter your email address and in return you will get a detailed description. I look forward to reading your impressions after testing it in practice. Although you might know the position already you probably do not know all the tricks.
This is really powerful stuff.
P. S.
If I have more interesting texts about unknown techniques in the future you will also obtain them to the specified email. I do  not post everything on the blog.

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