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Ethics of polygamy


I am now on a skiing holiday in the Alps and I’m writing from a beautiful hotel with an even more beautiful view of the mountains :)
Since I’m here in the noble company: Piter XXL, Alex , Zbyszek (one of the characters in Piter’s book: “Sex, Magic and Seducers”) .
I asked each of the guys to write something interesting in the subject of this blog so you will have an opportunity to know what some really amazing people.
I’ll begin with an article by Alex: “Ethics of Polygamy”
Let’s look at the two ingredients of the traditional idea of fidelity:
- Sexual exclusiveness, which guarantees the “one and only partner ”
- Loyalty, i.e. durability, stability and guarantee of “permanently/ forever together”

It is interesting that these two ingredients are in a sense contradictory because if we are loyal it is hard to guarantee exclusiveness at the same time and the easier to guarantee exclusiveness the harder it is to ensure loyalty. Why?
Let us assume that you would like to grant your partner exclusiveness (i.e. a monogamous relationship). In such a case every newly met woman will pose a challenge to your relationship, because a monogamous relationship (with sexual exclusiveness) with a new woman would mean the end of the relationship with the previous one and the end of loyalty.

Life shows that meeting someone and a desire to have a new partner is not so rare at all in the traditional monogamous world and it often ends in a new relationship or change of partner. Though of course exclusivity and loyalty until death shall part them is in fact feasible.

On the other hand, if you want to stay loyal to someone, i.e. have a stable relationship and you meat a potential partner who fascinates, attracts and lures you but you still want your current relationship to last you might at this point abandon the guarantee of sexual exclusivity. Life experience teaches that such situations often occur in the real world and are commonly called “betrayal” or “lover on the side.”

And how it looks in the world of polygamy? There is no component of sexual exclusiveness so there is no factors setting a limit to loyalty. If you meet a new woman it does not mean that you end your previous relationships or change them from mono- to polygamous. A new woman does not in any way threaten any of your existing women, it just does not change anything in your previous relationships. Your partner can be sure of your loyalty because one of the most important potential reasons for breaking up (new partner) is out.

Also observe that in a monogamous  relationship, in the case of meeting a new woman and an attempt to maintain the current relationship the appearances of monogamy are usually kept up, i.e. the existing partner keeps lying to the “one and only”. Often also the other partner is convinced that she is the only one.

Hence sincerity is sacrificed and, what’s more, it happens for moral reasons, in an attempt of maintaining the monogamy. In an analogous polygamous relationship there is no moral need for lies a “new partner ” situation so reality does not compromise one’s sincerity .

Polygamy, just thanks to the reducing fidelity to only loyalty is morally more stable than monogamy because it comes into contact with reality. Paradoxically, women bound with a polygamous man can trust more in his loyalty, stability and the long term character of the relationship. The need for security is being met here paradoxically, better if they have sufficient awareness. Moreover, polygamous relationships are more honest.

Questions? Comments ?



Why can’t you get it up…


You might not have known that there is one thought that has caused a lot of problems to many a man.
Fighting it is the task for psychotherapists. And what I mean is…

We are afraid of what might happen and not necessarily happens. This leads to various problems, including problems with male potency. In most men problems with women result from fear.
The consciousness comes up with a question: “And what if…” continued with thousands of scenarios. However, these are only your ideas about the relationship in question and they are usually very distant from reality.

It all begins with the fear of approaching a girl you like. First you worry about what she might think and then you immediately assume that nothing will come out of the whole think because you’re not good enough for her. Or you make up a whole bunch of other reasons for failure.

As regards sex, you may be anxious that you will not stand up to the task, etc.

I will not elaborate more on this. Check out Adept’s blog. He writes about how to deal with the fears and how to improve one’s self-confidence.


Sex during menstruation

I guess there’s something wrong with me, because what is normal for me is sometimes a taboo for others.
Sex during the period is such a taboo for both women and men.
I suspect that this is a difficult topic for many people because of the bleeding. In many cultures women undergoing this phase of cycle is considered impure. I do not know exactly the approach if various religions to the issue, but I’m sure that female listeners of a certain conservative radio station would like to hang me for what I’m going to write below:
Sex during the period is not only quite possible but even advisable.

OK, I’m doomed. From now on I will not leave the house :)
Physiologically, there are absolutely no contraindications. You do not need to take my word for it. Ask your doctor.
The only limitations are in your head. If the sight of blood repels you, of blood, this is not for you.
If your woman says she does not want to do it then, it really doesn’t necessarily mean she does not want it. Rather, she is afraid of your reaction to the whole thing and of how her body will behave. She worries about your possible feeling of disgust etc., etc.
So if you ensure her that it is quite normal and nothing human is alien to you, she will say: “yes” and you will have normal sex.
In the past it often happened to me that girls seemed really hot and at some point they refused to go on. I had felt really stupid until I found out that this was still “yes” or rather “Yeas, next time, because I have my period now.” It was Alex who explained to me how to approach the topic. With so many girls and so little time Alex doesn’t waste time for wandering whether a girl has her period or not. It’s only a question of getting a heap of clean sheets.
That’s why sex during period is the most possible and normal. Moreover, this can even bring a kind of relief to a woman. An orgasm triggers secretion of a whole bunch of different hormones and body reactions. The result is a natural feeling of elevation and elimination of pain that often accompanies menstruation. Here you are: a natural remedy.
Beware: I have bad news for those who think that sex during period releases them from thinking about contraception. Not at all. Virile sperm can survive a few days. I have read that it can sometimes retain its properties for up to 7 days. Therefore application of such “birth control” scheme may prove a failure, unless you desperately seek an occasion to get someone pregnant.



Funny problems of men …


No, this time there will be nothing about impotency complex and what to about all this…

Today I am going to write on the real problems with men going on holiday.

Every year our team of the craziest guys under the Sun goes skiing. The leader is Peter, whose book “Sex, Magic and Seducers” you’ve perhaps read. A few members of our holiday team have been described in the aforementioned book. It just so happens that most of them are married .

Because I am single what the guys did before departure seemed funny at the beginning. However, when I thought  about it I came to the conclusion that it’s really a serious problem for them .

The basic issue and challenge is related to the theme “to shave or not to shave“ and when to do that? If you shave your pubic hair off right before departure your wife will think that you are going there for the girls and not for skiing and you can guess what it leads ti.

You will not, however, do without shaving because on vacation various chances and adventures happen. So you’d better be prepared for anything. Ha… and here comes another problem in the form of condoms. Buying them is not a problem but there is a question of the unused ones. Of course, you may not bring them with you home.

Another problem is just general care of your own body. Buying clothes that our baby will not consider “seducing”. Even boots that you buy have an impact on how your “better half” will perceive the trip to come.

How many efforts has a man make to be able to go on a normal vacation. Even if you intend to be polite, inappropriate shopping or cutting your nails may lead to a marital crisis.

I’m very curious what you do before you go on vacation, if you sometimes go away without your spouse . Is it only my friends have such dilemmas and problems or whether it’s a more widespread problem.

Leave a comment and share your methods…


Soon, we will celebrate the international day of masturbation. I did not know that masturbation had a dedicated holiday. Well, it’s as good a reason to celebrate, as any.
I have already written a bit about this topic, and today I will write more to give you something to think about.
I have recently read an article about the Chinese people living in Poland. It contained a lot of interesting information, but one thing seemed particularly amusing to me.
A newspaper stand lady was questioned by reporters about her views on the Chinese people. She talks about what the Chinese, the Bulgarians and the Ukrainians usually buy. She said that the Bulgarians and the Ukrainians bought women’s magazines, and the Chinese did not. But the Chinese were buying condoms, and the Bulgarians and the Ukrainians did not. You can make out the rest of the story by yourself :)
For women, masturbation most desirable, because it increases the sensitivity of the female body to caresses. It is scientifically proven that the more women masturbate, the better their sex life becomes.
In men, it is a bit different. I have already written about the adverse effect that masturbation may have on their sex life. In Tantra penis stimulation is used in a number of exercises aimed at achieving an orgasm without ejaculation. The purpose of these exercises is also to increase sexual power. However, in Tantra masturbation does not lead to ejaculation.
Every guy masturbates, even 70-year-olds do it.  OK, you’re not alone in this :) but don’t lose your common sense. It scares me to read about guys who masturbate several times a day.
After you read about the Chinese think again what you do and how often. It’s much better to find yourself a woman…
But since today is masturbation day, let’s celebrate. Ladies who read this blog let him celebrate this day. Preferably celebrate with each other. This is actually a good practice in sex life to see how your girl is doing this to herself because you will know what she likes best.
It’s the same with you. You alone know best how you like to be stimulated. If you show her how you masturbate she’ll just copy this and will do it for you more effectively.


You will not like this…

Unfortunately, Poles are considered dirty around Europe and in our home country, too.

Certainly it’s not the case where you are concerned but it is a whole bunch of men who wash only once a week and maybe even every two weeks…

Using soap and even a deodorant is regarded by many as an unnecessary whimsy. On the other hand, using the same pair of socks for a week without washing seems quite OK to them, just like wearing a T-shirt for two weeks. Not to mention an indifferent attitude to washing one’s hands and cleaning fingernails.

I was seriously worried when I heard an opinion that in Western Europe countries Poles were identified basing on their smell, clothes and shoes. I admit that sometimes I am embarrassed to reveal where I come from.

The reason I’m writing about this is not just to nag you and make you feel bad. I want you to realize that if you sometimes observe the rules of hygiene it will have a directly proportional effect on the quantity and quality of sex.

Sometimes you can smell this specific odour of homeless people in the street. When smelling this particular odour would you be able to become sexually attracted to a super- attractive girl? Let’s just say that she uses such original perfume. I’m sure you would keep as far as possible from her.

Or think about a girl with whom you will have fantastic sex in a moment. You pull her pants down and get to the underwear. Oops, it is kind of yellow and… hmm something smells funny in there. Anyway, how did she manage to grow such a huge bush of hair?

Okay, I will not write any more. Maybe you are having a snack just now :)

It’s the same with your hygiene and if you are “not fresh” you might not smell it but people around you undoubtedly can. If women always keep a distance from you, maybe you have neglected yourself a bit.

I’m not the one to moralize. I just want to draw your attention to something you yourself may not notice and to help you to improve not only your sexual life but also the quality of life in general.



I wonder what she will be ready to do with you when she softly sings to herself such a song:



You’d better play this song to her now :)



When you look at elderly people, for example your own grandparents or some people in the street it you may start wondering what it will feel to be 60, 70 or more years. Will it be still possible for you to have sex?
If you are 20, 30, or 40 years-old you do not think about such problems but this will change with passing time :)
It is true that sexual activity decreases with age. Especially in men who have been wasting their sperm lifelong and their reproductive organs are simply worn out. It is also one of the reasons I like Tantra because this problem does not apply to them.
I became interested in the subject of old people’s sex and found some data from different studies.
73 percent of respondents aged 54-64 years admitted to having sexual contacts. In the age group 64-75 year-olds more than half of the respondents answered they were sexually active, and when it came to the oldest seniors ( 75-85 years), one in four had sexual contacts.
As far as oral sex is concerned with increasing age the number of persons preferring them decreases from 60 percent before the age of 60 to 32 in seniors over 75.

A team of Spanish doctors from Florida Nord de I’Hospital dmde studied a sample of 113 people aged approximately 72 years. They found that 85 percent of them had a permanent partner, but one-third of them did not have with a successful sex life with him/her. Most of them had more than 4 sexual intercourses per month and this number was usually satisfactory to them. 30 percent of the group admitted to masturbating and 20 percent informed they used the services of prostitutes.
More and more people after 50 use dating and sex services. We also have people over 50 attending the Enlightened Lover courses.
All the time I have in mind the story of an Aborigine who conceived a son at the age of 93. This happened a few years ago and was published on the media.
Because a lot of women read this blog this information may be interesting. For the majority of postmenopausal women sex is just as enjoyable as before and even more comfortable. They do not need to worry about unwanted pregnancy.
If you live to a certain age and stay healthy you will be able to enjoy sex just like now :)


Penis size



Although I have already touched upon this subject I will now take another approach.

Many men have an unnecessary penis complex. I wonder how it is with those who have real “clubs” down there.
I have done some research and found information about the longest penises.
The largest documented penis (measured by a doctor) was 34 cm long and 16 cm in diameter. Another, contemporary case measured by a layman is 35 cm long and belongs to a New Yorker. I saw the picture. I just hanged down to the knees :)
I read that Rasputin had 28.5 cm penis but this cannot be verified.
Owners of such giants did not have as easy life as it might seem. It is difficult for them to achieve a full erection. Erection occurs from blood flow and you realize how much blood is needed to fill such a large penis. I wouldn’t be surprised if those guys felt dizzy or even fainted at displacement of so much blood.
According to the Wikipedia this is how a penis should be measured:
“It is recommended to repeat the procedure several times to measure the length of the penis at certain time intervals (preferably on different days) and then average the results. Differences in the results of measurements results from, among others, factors such as room temperature, the degree of sexual arousal, the period of time that has elapsed since the previous erection, time of day, and measurement error.
The length shall be measured in a standing position on the dorsal side of the penis, from the base to the tip. The results are erroneous when measuring it or ventral side.

Circumference should be measured during full erection in three places – just below the glans , at the base and between the two places , and then compute the average of the measurements.

The penis must be in full erection in order to obtain reliable results. In some populations it may be difficult to achieve for technical reasons. Measurements during full erection induced by pharmacological methods give more consistent results. Sometimes, the test must be based on stretching the flaccid penis as hard as it is possible without hurting oneself. Moreover, penis length values reported by men are often unreliable due to their tendency to overestimate the size.
The average size of the penis is 12.9 to 15 cm with a diameter of 12.6 cm.
I have written here what length of the penis is required to satisfy a woman. If you don’t have a 35 cm long penis or not even 20, or 15 or 10 you can easily cope and make your partner very happy.


Risky aphrodisiac


You may be surprised with what you will read below but if you think about it you may decide the method is worth testing.

There are lots and lots of more or less effective aphrodisiacs. A really interesting one is garlic. Yes, you got it right, I really mean garlic.

Garlic warms up the body. Despite decreasing blood pressure it improves blood circulation by widening blood vessels and, as a result, causes an increase in libido. People who eat garlic have more energy because blood in their body circulates more freely.

Until the present day consumption of garlic is banned in monasteries. Monks were forbidden to eat garlic because they were supposed to pray and meditate and not to excite the body.

Yes, garlic is very powerful but it has one drawback.

It is the smell

Something like 4 years ago or maybe more I dated a girl. Her hair was as black as coal, she was cheerful and had untamed energy. Unfortunately, she loved garlic and, after some time I just wasn’t able to bear it any more… so we split up. But it was undeniable that she had fiery Well, you can cook for dinner something with lots of garlic and eat it together.


Wait for the effect…